Pure price action trading setups

Please excuse this totally pointless post salimvp. I didn’t know you had a thread and I’ve literally just “discovered” you. I’ve really enjoyed reading this so far, more of the same please!! :slight_smile:

Anyway, hope I can contribute in some way of value at some point


Oh, HoG.

You are always welcome. I know your situation and job. May be that’s the reason you didn’t notice the thread. Better late than never :smiley:

Of course you can contribute here. We have almost same method. I’m More than happy to see your ideas.

Happy trading.

My GBP/CHF trade closed with +123.4 pips. May be the pair will hold 1.4900 area as a support for a while. So better safe than sorry.

Looking for next setup.

Happy pipping.


salimvp very good amount of pips, and great entry.

Just posted this on my own thread salimvp, thought I’d throw it on here and get some opinions.

Kiwi daily chart. Thursday’s action came within 10 pips of previous high at 0.8469, then rejected to form shooting star (inverted hammer, pin bar ).

I’d be looking to short this, pretty much from here as I don’t think it will climb a whole lot more, and look for 0.8350 ish to begin with.


Good catch on this pair Hog,

This pair break the medium term resistance area which was 0.8350-55 on Tuesday and over extended. And a retracement is due at previous resistance, as you mentioned Traders Arm. But I’m bit skeptical on this pair. Because NZD very strong across the board now.

Yesterday it print a Pin bar at resistance (previous high). But I doubt the level as a resistance. I consider resistance at 0.8400-10 area after 0.8350.

This is my thought about the pair. Since it print as Pin bar in previous high, there is a chance to retrace to down But need to break 0.8400 area clearly. Otherwise it climb from here.

I would rather look for buy on EUR/USD and EUR/CAD. But today Friday. so I avoid the trades altogether. EU TP at 1.3130 and EC TP at 1.2950.

Good luck on this trade mate.

Happy pipping…

Morning salimvp

Certainly looks as though my trade idea may not work as overnight the pair did climb up into the 50’s.

USD/CHF also dipped it’s head below support and EUR/USD popped up, may all be hinting at tsome dollar weakness for the day ahead.

Having said all of that, the kiwi being up in the 50’s is probably a more logical place to try the short, being closer to resistance, and we’re not out of the trade until we go through resistance.

Just have to wait it out and see what comes my friend !!

Morning Hog.

I agree with that though. Still there is chance to move lower. As you said the 0.8450 area is a logical entry area for short due to 50% pin bar wick.

According to the support of UC, it might be a false break to down, may pop up higher and print as a pin bar at the support. This also applicable to EU. It might retrace from the 1.3020/30 level.

Let’s wait and see how they react these levels and fingers crossed.

The both EU and UC shoot beyond the TP levels. But the funny thing is I didn’t take the trades. :slight_smile: Again fear stand as a Wall.

Happy weekend.

Good After noon HoG,

I hope you closed the trade with at least +30 pips profit.

Happy weekend.

Nice trade mate

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi Salimvp.
I have witnessed that you have been winning the [I][B]trade of the week[/B][/I] contest and one has to agree that price action is the ultimate for traders with full time jobs. The reason why I am joining this thread its because of several reasons,less traffic in this thread-meaning one can grow with this thread,the time frame is realistic for newbies coupled with clean charts, and the price action signals are easy to spot.

I will be posting my ideas on some currency pairs and views are welcome.


Any views are welcome.And please show me any blind spots.
One last important thing,if the analysis is corrrect.
Please give me any advice on how to enter this pair since I have no definite way of entering a trade.

Welcome to my thread, zakuth.

Yes, this is a lesser traffic thread. Newbies don’t want to trade with a simple method. They want on their screen lot of MA’s, colorful indicators and trendlines etc. to show their parents or friends to make them wonder or fool. And this method especially with daily candle won’t give them many opportunities to become a millionaire within a few months.

Just look at some Journal thread or some pros (like David jafferson and andrew’s etc.) they are high traffic (and also they are banned :slight_smile: because they are showing such type of cluttered charts.

Trading from daily charts give us more clear idea about trends and signals and it is easy to spot and trade.

Happy pipping.

With the greastest respect Salim, Jefferson and Keane did not get banned because of their charts.

Imo calling them ‘pro’s’ is affording them more props than they deserve, unless you are talking about a different profession than trading :wink:


Is there any other way to trade?

Lolzz. I just said that because they told and acted there like pros. I didn’t follow them. Honestly I didn’t understand their system. :smiley:

Your analysis seems good. But I don’t give advice. Please do not make any assumption of any price levels.

The chart clearly showing us next resistance is 1.6300 area. (But I consider 1.6270 as a near term resistance for some reason)
The resistance is near. If we can see a price action sell signal in this area then sell it. But should be against the prevailing trend.

Alternatively we can BUY this pair if it move to 1.6160-70 area. So let the market to do its thing. Wait and see what develop on this pair. Don’t stick to short this pair on the resistance level.

Happy pipping.

What you mean by that, Mark?