Quarantined people, what are you doing with your extra time?

I’m finally getting around to starting the garden. I’ve got a couple raised garden beds that have been screaming for attention. Well, it’s a perfect time as any. Went to the big box the other week to get supplies - hand shovel, hoe, organic gardening soil, some soil conditioner. Now it’s a matter of getting the old dirty out and getting in some new.

I plan to grow strawberries, peppers, cucumbers, and watermelon! Ha, well that’s the plan anyway.

How about you?

Lol unfortunately as I’m a day trader my normal life is like im quarantined :joy::joy: so nothing has changed. I read and trade. But I like the sound of growing my own food. Watched the big short again this week and Ben rickert was doing it too! ‘Seeds will be the new currency’.


Hey dude…excellent choice of killing time there brother(no pun intended ).I’m in my 5th day of our 21 day lock down.I’m still on the grind with the online course.Just finished grade 14.In between that I’m on the track with Real Racing 3.

I’m back into ARMA3. Starting on DVD sets tomorrow.

I’m spending alot more time on forex backtesting and research. Plus I just got back into playing Eve Online again. :smiley:

I also try to spend 30 minutes per day doing exercise (lifting weights, doing crunches etc). The key word being “try”.

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Im curious to know how long you been trading?

Great movie.

It’s my first go at gardening. Wish me luck!

Good for you. All we have is time, right? I used to play Gran Tourismo in a former life. Not at all in a former life. Maybe time to go back to some driving!

Never heard of this. Looks like it’s a bit older. Online?

Oh I know all about this!

And, if I’m being honest, drinking more beer.

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6 years in total. 3 years full time day trading.

Do you have any social media were I can contact you and asked you a few question if that okay with you? such as instagram or facebook

Private message, right here on the website. Click on his avatar, and then on the message button. If you don’t see the button, it means you haven’t been on the website long enough. Spend more time here, and then you’ll be upgraded, and get more features.

Honestly, as someone who’s been working from home for years, I have to say that outside of the barrage of bad news and lack of TP, it all still feels the same.

Any of ya’ll using Zoom now?

watching BoobTube videos what else

I found this one from Neil Diamond, we need more like this to take the edge off this stress

Reading. Playing video games. Looking at the news and panicking, then going back to the first two to stop panicking.


Take the edge off. The edge is real! Man it’s real. Thanks for the share.

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Hey, that’s me! .minis the reading. Need to do a bit more of that. What are you reading?

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I live in Puerto Rico, and I’m closing on my 3rd week of quarantine. I’m new to Forex, just started the Babypips education yesterday. My plan is to continue using this free time to educate myself on forex and work on my physical and mental health.

I do but you can message me on here or even post on a thread here. The chances your question has been asked before and answered is very likely so it’s worth searching for it too. Wish you all the best.

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I’m half-seriously thinking about finally writing “THat Book” I’ve been wanting to do for years !

A nice gesture. I had no idea he was still around.

(during the intro it looks like his guitar’s on fire…)

Neil’s music is too country for me really, but I had time yesterday to explore a bit about Marty Robbins’ life and career. His “El Paso” will live forever.