Question about EUR/USD

Hi Everyone, I have a question:

I’ve been using a trading system, that trades the EUR/USD on a schedule. It only trades between 12 PM EST and 3 AM EST. It really benefits from big movements.

During the last 5 weeks it did really well. But this week, it didn’t do well, I’m wondering if it had something to do with the Hurricane hitting New York.

Thanks everyone!

Remember if you are using a system than you have nothing to do with the fundamental and social events.All you have to do is just to keep an eye on Fundamental and other social events like Hurricane Sandy but following your system should be your first preference.Sometimes you even get 3-4 consecutive weeks of losses but in the long term(if your system is good) you are always profitable.
I believe that Hurricane sandy has removed volatility in the markets.NY markets were closed on Monday and Tuesday due to this storm but when the market behaves this way than usually it’s a sign that a big breakout is coming soon,so sticking to your proper trading plan is always the best idea.

You have no idea how informative your post was. Thank you so much.

And yes, I do stick to my system even on a negative week, I have learned to deal with loss.

Thanks again man, I really appreciate it:)