Question about Oanda broker chart

I hope someone can answer this, I just opened my first live account. I’ve been using a metatrader demo with IBFX but decided to go with Oanda for my real account. but I see something strange on the Oanda chart
attached are two pics one from metatrader and one from Oanda, on the Oanda chart there is a long down candle and a long up candle with some space between. This does not show on the metatrader chart. this is end of day on friday aug7 at 16:45 and 22:00 looks like EDT on Oanda but the last candle on IBFX is a small candle about 14:45 EDT
these are 15m charts

Someone who is familiar with Oanda can you explain this to me?


I’m not sure what time zone you’re in but is this close of markets Friday evening/night?

I am in EDT eastern daylight time. Looks like Oanda is also. I think IBFX is GMT
Both these charts are close friday. the first long candle on Oanda is 16:45 and the second one is 22:00 so that would be 4:45 PM AND 10:00PM EDT

This is my first time with my real money acct. so the first time Ive seen this on Oanda

anyone else see it? or is it just on my chart?

I just realized last night Oanda was down for maintenance between those times. So maybe that is it. Just a glitch in the price because of their down time.

Yes, without having investigated closer I’d bet that’s the explanation.

I’ve used Oanda since I went live this spring and I have only good things to say about them. Don’t be alarmed by that freak bar.

The reason I thought it could be close of market is because there’s no following data so the chart runs off, come Monday it’ll reconvene as normal.

I had this happen on FXSol.

It just freaked me out a little seeing that. I think them being down for maintenance must be it. Thanks for the input everyone

as time passes you will see that Oanda bar plots are not always accurate… this you have to be aware of…

Their Java application is not functioning as well as it could and they have acknowledged that in the past

My experience is that Oandas feed is superior to most other brokers. Just look at a 1min chart. On Oanda one bar closes and the next opens at the exact same value whereas with MT4 brokers there will be gaps between 1min bars.
Oanda even offers faster charts than 1min which they couldn’t do if their feed wasn’t excellent.

I’ve compared Alparis and Oandas feeds quite carefully and I’m confident to say that the difference is so small it’s without any importance whatsoever.

I think that, while not perfect, Oanda is certainly about as good as they get. Damn, this sounds to positive.

Hmm, ah! But their charting stinks bigtime!

That’s better…

Probably their prices line up better as they have a lot more volume than the MT4 brokers…

I have been to their Toronto office on several occasions… there is one huge room of engineering graduates at work stations… they hire the best talent they can find for their applications.

Now if those engineers could build a better charting system…

I use Oanda to place my trades as they are by far the best broker on the market, however, I use FXDD’s Metrader 4 platform to chart on my desktop and mobile phone.

Glad I’m not the only one who doesnt like their charting program. I’ve been using IBFX mt4 on demo and will continue to use that but place my orders on Oanda