Question about "Risk Trends"

Can someone explain to me what a risk trend is? almost every article I read on the market uses this term.



As the risk manager of a major manufacturer, I’ve long been an observer of the changes sweeping both the insurance industry and corporate risk management. Today, many of the most important trends are linked in some way to the growing tendency to roll pure risk and financial or speculative risk.

The risk trends for this and snow accidents at U.S. and B.C. ski area are shifting.During this interlude from 1990/91 to 2005/06, there were four sudden large amount wounded in boundaries sparkling that risk has been reduced appreciably. Fifty-five serious sudden large amount burials in the same time frame indicate that there is still a substantial risk associated with leaving the ski area boundary. What is not well predictable is that for the duration of the same sixteen years, there has also been an increasing trend in the risk in deep blizzard at ski areas. Fifty-one of these snow immersion events occur during the study period. The organization for this type of casualty is Non-Avalanche Related Snow Immersion Death or NARSID.

I’d like an explanation too.