Question about the data in Marketmilk?

I really like the simplicity of marketmilk and how visually user friendly it is.
I was just wondering what data that represents the overview is being used?
Is it based on retail sentiment alone or also cot data from institutional traders?

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Same, I use it a lot too! I thought they just used data from brokers? Unless you’re talking about a specific section on MarketMilk™?

Yes, but was curious as too whether that data comes from retail traders only since often times smart money is on the other side of the trades… so if something is shown as bullish or bearish on the heatmap then would be nice to know which side institutionals are trading in order to look for good setups to piggy back on :grin:

I guess the overview is based on a combination of retail sentiment and institutional data.

Prob comes from brokers, I think you can see the source when you check the data! Mine is set to see FXCM’s.