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Hey guys, I hope I’m asking this in the right place, and please forgive me if not, but have any of you heard of Trend Trader Pro at trendtraderpro[dot]net? It looks very promising and there are a ton of good reviews about it on Trustpilot. I can’t seem to find very much info about it, and its quite expensive. But I’m thinking about buying to give it a shot. The owner of the system even says you can trade Forex with it, not just stocks. Thanks, any advice or help would be very appreciated. Or if any of you have purchased it, I would like to know how its working out for you.

M. Owen

Ok, well I guess no one is going to answer. That’s ok, I’m thinking about going ahead and buying it anyway. IF anyone ever sees this – wow, I’m beginning to wonder – I’ll post back in a few months and let anyone that MAYBE will see this, how it goes. (-:

Well, I think before you risk your money with any trading platform, make sure that you check it properly. It is about your requirements and they must be met anyway.