Question about wrong prices

Hi there,

Something weird happened yesterday. The broker I trade with (not ecn broker by the way) placed a price in the screen that was completely off the market. It’s not the first time this happens with them. Except this time it triggered t/p orders I had placed and thus altering my balance, margin, floating profit+loss, etc.
After a couple of hours they put everything back to where it was. I’ve emailed them about the subject and they say that since it was a “bad price” nothing cant be done, etc. etc.

As I said, I do know the price was totally wrong, by miles and in normal circumstances I wouldnt say a word but this broker does this kind of moves very often, although not so off as it was this time. For example, wednesday after the RBNZ announced the interest rate decision, the broker’s 5 min chart had a high and low of 85.20/82.83… almost 250 pips when in reality the market moved about 60 pips. But thats not all, if you had gone to check the same chart yesterday, that candle was no longer there with the same price movement which to me is a sign of manipulation.

So to end, I’ve many evidences that I’m dealing with a dishonest broker. Any advices are very welcome. Thanks!

I beleive the user agreement with broker protects the broker in this situation. The broker is not being dishonest if he did not deliberatley make the mistake. Think of it this way, if the broker keeps doing this, arbitragers will jump in to take advantage and your broker will have a haredr time delaing with them than with you.

You have to make a choice. Either find a new broker or find a way to cope with the situation.

Thank you for your reply.
I’d like to make clear that I’m not a dishonest person and I dont agree with this kind of proceedure. I also realise that I’m being biased because I’ve clear evidences that they manipulate the prices. I’ve seen this a dozen times in just 3 or 4 months, so yes as you said, I have to make a choice which in fact I have already and that is to find a new broker soon.
From what I read, I should look for a broker with ECN, do you agree?