Question on FX movement, very newbish

I’m completely new to FX and trading in general. Only 20yrs old. So I have a question on the movement of a pair. So lets say I wanted to do the EURUSD and went short, so 1 EUR = 1.1161 USD is the example I’m using. Would I be winning my trade if EURUSD went down to 1.158? Then long would be buying at 1.1161 and selling when it’s like 1.1165? If there is a post that would explain a lot of newby questions please redirect me. Thank you for your time.

Yes you are right , if you guess the direction of price line you are profiting it , there is a tool in your platform for measuring price movement call it cross line , next time you no need to know the numbers you need to know how many( pip )the price move in your favor

That should be 1.1158 — but, we knew what you meant.

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You are on the right place to ask your questions, also I would repeat what Clint said. You should sign up for the BabyPips school where you can get a very good education.