Question on MarketMilk Graph Statistics

On all the graph statistics it says the stats are for “today”. Does this mean the graphs/statistics reset daily? If so at what time or session? Since the first session of the week starts with Sydney, does the graph/statistics reset every day at the start of the Sydney session? Thanks! Love MarketMilk!

Hi @CyberRich!

Before anything else, we’re pleased to know that you enjoy using’s MarketMilk! We hope you continue to do so.

To answer your question, the cards and graphs you see on MarketMilk are based on your local timezone and your settings. If your set time interval is “1D,” given that the price stream you’re seeing is “real-time,” you’re seeing the price stream for today in your timezone.

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Does that mean the day starts at 12:01 AM and anything in the next 24 hours is “today”?

Thanks for the reply Penelopip. I would like to know this also: When do the timeframes start and end? Like Thebeezneez is asking, does “Today” mean starting at 12:01am and the 24 hours afterwards, or from the current point in time and 24 hours previous?

Same question with a “Week” timeframe? Does the “Week” timeframe start on Sunday and end on the upcoming Friday? Or is it from the current time and 7 days previous?

Yearly - From January 1st to the present time? Or from the present day (say if today is 07/12/2021) back to 07/12/2020?

Thanks again.

Yes, since the market opens at 5pm ET on Sunday, this is the start.

The day starts at 5pm ET.

If you’re talking about choosing 1W in the “Time Interval”, the answer is yes.

Think of it like using the weekly bar/candle on a chart.

Okay great. That makes more sense now. Thanks!

any way we can get a shoutout of the designer/ developer for marketmilk??

am i reading this correct that the eurusd is a sell trade now?