Question on MT4

I trade with fxcm but use mt4 charts for my trading. does mt4 have a expiration for those who do not have money in their account.

If you mean a live account that has $0 in it then it will never expire.

If you mean a demo account most broker’s demos expire after 30 days, but it only take a few clicks to open up another account.

Or you could go with IBFX. They have a MT4 demo account that never expires.

thanks phil. Question. After 30 days and you open another account will you lose all your settings and previous charts? I didn’t know mt4 demo had a expiration date. I will check out ibfx.

I made 4 demo accounts with every month they would expire, but the settings stay the same as far as chart setup goes, you use the same platform you just sign in with your new username and password when you make a new demo account. The only changes is your demo account balance.

thanks method. will re-register.

I assumed you are talking about ibfx demo also?