Question Regarding to an Robot (EA)

Hello guys i have a couple of questions, I mean it seems that is an awesome EA but im not sure if the backtesting using the StrategyTester on MT4 is accurate or if you can trust 100% on it to use a live account, because it seems that is having a good performance but im not 100% sure

What do you guys think about this EA?
This is a test i ran from 2020/01/01 to 2020/12/31

you can share code?

Without knowing more I might have a couple of possible concerns. Spread is set at 10, and that would equal 1 pip. That’s okay, and realistic if you’re looking for a consistent baseline to test against, but sometimes IRL spreads are wider than that. Given the rather small average profit and loss trade size, it makes me wonder if this EA is making very small trades. If that’s the case, then I could see potential trouble when a spread is wider than what you’ve tested with, and that little bit of movement you’re successfully claiming in backtesting is getting swallowed up by a pip or two of spread and the $2.00 isn’t there for the taking anymore. I could be wrong though. You could always test again with “current” or a higher spread to check

If you’re concerned about it, run it in a demo account for a little while and see if results match your backtesting… then come back and let us know! :slight_smile:

Using current spread instead of 10 and almost the same result

Good! Now I would go back further in time to capture more market conditions. How did it do in 2007?

From 2007/01/01 to 2007/12/31

Usually with mine, after spot checking two very different years (like 2020 and 2007) if they both check out, then I start at 01/01/2005 and go to current. If that test turns out consistent you might have something that will work. Not sure how concerned to be about the 90% modeling quality. I think mine is normally 99%. What’s your tick data source?