Question to GBPJPY traders

i will day trade this pair.
i’m currently studying its activity period.

What do you think of the European session start ? I expected to be more active, but it seems to get rally active right before US session starts. Have you noticed this or it’s just a coincidence ?

I expected it to be the most active during european session.
As a day trader yourself, when do you prefer to trade it ?


I trade this pair almost exclusively. I tend to trade the US market open and the asian session. Occasionally when I dont need to sleep, I will trade the europe and london open. Most active during the london session and the london US overlap… though can surprise you during the asian session as well.

Be very careful with this pair, she’s an account breaker if your not astute. But once you trade her for a while, this pair is somewhat predictable (if I can say that)…

cheers and good luck