Questionaire to test Forex skill?

Does anyone have a questionaire to test somone’s Forex skills? I would like to see how far I’ve faired as a newbie with the Forex related concepts.

Not sure of any test around to test your skills but, I would imagine, one of the greatest test on how you “fair” on forex related subjects is how your account is doing at the end of the week or month. That would be a good test in itself.

I agree, but I am talking 1 level before that. I dont have a demo account, I actually want to learn how the market actually works, how to analyze it, market makers, market movers, various types of trading, strategies etc. I want to get the basics right, before plunging into trading.

My account could still be doing good just with news trading, but this doesnt mean I am aware of other components of the Forex market.