Questions about day trading

Good day to all :slight_smile:
I was reading on the internet and listening to some interviews about forex trading and many people said that earning through day trading is a myth and that you have to look into higher timeframes for more success so is that true? I mean I know higher time frames are more accurate but isn’t day trading also a higher timeframe?

The only people who say that are the ones that went broke trying to trade on them. The lower the time frame the more accurate your analysis has to be. There are traders that are successful on all time frames as well as traders who fail on all time frames.

Traders don’t fail cause they traded a particular time frame, they fail cause they haven’t prepared enough for what ever time frame they tried to trade on. Work on what’s best for you based on your goals

This really depends on your trading style and personality, as a mismatch between your strategy and preferences could lead to more losses than usual.

This is a very accurate statement gb! Aniskazi, don’t let others tell you what you can achieve. The failure rate is high because many have the wrong approach and think you can make money fast with little capital which is incorrect. There are people who make money which means they showed it is possible.