Questions about Ukraine

It’s been a veeery tiring day/ week/ month, and I just got home. :frowning: I still can’t believe that we’re living through a pandemic and a war at the same time. :confused: My heart goes to everyone in Ukraine right now and I admire how they’re fighting for their country despite being against one of the strongest military force in the world. :cry: For now, I just have two questions for you guys. :open_mouth: As ordinary citizens from other countries, is there anything we can do to help? Whether physically, emotionally, financially, or anything in between, how do the recent happenings affect your trading? Please stay safe everyone!

Donations for sure. Boycott companies still doing business in Russia. Not sure about that one, but I see it mentioned it a lot online.

Maybe just get better informed about the situation. Definitely hard to get involved.

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