Questions to answer before embarking on the trading journey

What are some questions that you think one must have answered and got clarifications on before he/she can fund a trading account and begin trading live?

I also got a book recommendation written my Tom Williams on VOLUME, is factoring in volume worth the hype?

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I just posted these questions on another thread but they might be useful pointers -
What caused you to enter this trade?
What will cause you to reduce your position size?
What will cause you to get out altogether?
What will cause you to increase your position size?
What would be a better opportunity?
What are the fundamental risks likely over the next 3 months of this trade?

Answers could be from charts or fundamentals and must make sense within the context of your strategy and risk management plan.


One should have clarified what type of trading suits one’s personal character, situation and assets. You may be interested in day-trading or longer term position trading. If you work daily then you may prefer some kind of end-of-day trading. Family issues and your geographic location and internet access may well also influence this.

Once you have a broad idea of what kind of trading would suit you then you can evaluate how much you can afford to risk in FX trading. This should be money you can afford to lose.

Then you need to decide which market or markets interest you and then evolve a method of trading it/them.

Then you need to open a demo account to gain experience and fine-tune your method and, most importantly, learn to manage your position risk and equity. In addition you will be building your confidence.

Once you have learnt to trade on demo efficiently and with the right amount of discipline and with a consistent positive return then you will know what other issues may be relevant to your personal situation before opening a live account.

Your demo account is like an apprenticeship. No one in any field becomes a professional without first learning their trade or profession - and learning is an ongoing process even when you feel you have got “there”.

Hope this is a start for you and good luck to you on your journey! :slight_smile:


I have only one question, are you able to double up an account?

Double up a DEMO account 3 times IN A ROW. (eg. Turn $500 to $1000, then $1000 to $2000, then $2000 to $4000). Maximum drawdown for each attempt is capped at less than 50% of current Equity.

Attained that, you may proceed to LIVE trading. Thereafter, you will realize, Live trading is altogether another kind of beast to tame. :smile:

For stocks, Volume is a major factor worth taking note of. For Forex, i was taught to think otherwise due to its decentralize structure. However, recently i’m beginning to think otherwise. During my stay in Babypips, i remember stumbling across discussion on the futures market, COT report and most recently something call VWAP. It may be worth researching on. But i haven’t got the time to really look into it yet.

As for the book, i have not read it. So i don’t know, "It is not shameful to say i don’t know, what i do not know. " :rofl:


what he said!
Demo first before live.
I’ve never used volume. Volume follows a general pattern, Peaks during peak times of London / NY, drops during Asia, as you would expect, but I don’t know if that’s useful for trading.


Folks allow me to elucidate.

Terms = FX = Spot Currency Markets

Tick Volume = Each price transaction. In other words, 1 tick is a transaction, whether up, down, or same. The ticks are divided into up, down, and same, by price.

I.E. One up transaction shows on a chart as a tick up, commonly green, counted against the start of a particular fractal, 5min, 10min etc.

True Volume = The amount of shares traded per transaction. So each transaction, or Tick would not just be defined as up, down, or neutral but would also have a number in shares assigned due to, now get this, the number of shares. (notice I did not use The Q word).

So while in stocks you can see shares traded per transaction, in FX you cannot, in fact in FX you can’t even tell the total in up, down, because there are Hubs of liquidity that you can’t even see.

Now as far as futures are concerned, Vol studies do not work there either due to the underlying drivers of the market and option writing. You basically can’t tell if it is Spec, Hedge, or option influence. It’s really too much and off topic to explain here, but if you want a better explanation, do an internet search for “destriero”, he has a dissertation regarding this somewhere else.

So ya’ll can start there.

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Hey M, 2% per trade, total trades, in other words, when you are starting out, if you take multiple positions I would not risk more than 2-3% of your account on all of your trades. As far as drawdown, if you are at 20% you need to reevaluate your self or your system, think about this, at 2% loss, if you were trading only one pair and one trade at a time, this means you will have had 10 negative trades in a row, that is a problem.

I would use Dennis’s guide and three ducks to start with on Demo.

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Thanks alot, will add this to my journal.

Account doubling on Demo… wow!!
That is very interesting, in fact I just made a decision to double up twice before going life. Thank you

Okay, so no need for the volume check then. Cool!
I’m still going to read the book tho, just to have what to say as to why I left volume out of the picture.

Dennis’s three Ducks?:thinking: don’t know what that means. And on the guide, are you referring to his Strong Weak Analysis?

I just hope my replies are well targerted on your screens and not displaying as if I didn’t reply to individual answers like mine. And if it’s not then I will also like to know how to do it. Thanks #mentors

Hey M, yes strong weak, Dennis the Florida Gator, :laughing: then search for the three Ducks in the search box,

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Thanks for sharing … good information

Hi @Maximus_martins!

Here’s a good article by Dr. Pipslow that might help:


Thanks this is informative and useful

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Great questions! Things we all want to know.

Very good questions before starting in this world. regards