Quick Survey!

What were the most significant events that affected your trading in 2010?

[I]It can be anything from personal reasons (maybe you got married, got promoted or started trading full-time?) to economic events that significantly affected your trading. :)[/I]

Japanese Intervention, European Debt Crisis and Eurozone rescue of Greece



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“Me quedaré, me quedaré, siempre cubano me quedaré…”

Easy! Discovering the world of forex, thanks to Babypips!:wink:

Going full-time

Overcoming a motorcycle accident and dealing with pain even months after the damage… Really caused me to reflect on the important things. :wink:


Better trading station with Linux (now Ubuntu Ultimate_Ed’) with two 17" CRT monitors, then a HP g-series, and then a Dell inspiron, then a 10inch Acer e-machine. Then the CTFC leverage cut and the later dawning on most that it was actually a good thing in disguise (still on IBfx but now have another account since I was half moved out already, so two screen?) having to shovel BS from the new broker’s platform.

Then Babypips and all the peeps in it that wont stop posting +& the ICT thread on youtube, native BP [<-So deeply sorry about the mobike accident praying full recovery for you and my former classmate who had to get stitched upto the tongue & still MIA at our evening snooker table and RIP for the other bike’s rider; hope you scrapp’d it for a four wheeler, from where I live its new convenience (‘bodaboda’ i.e. cross the EA borders anytime anywhere good now with the all-new SouthSudie Kenya-Annex lol) with a downside, encouraged by lower import tariff and cheap $899.90 chinabikes, OMG wont believe how many they are].

PS: superb fibonacci for ICT avatar never seen