Quiet day on the market

Hi guys

Since there is nothing important going on today, why don’t we share what we did on Forex despite this uneventful morning.

I got lucky and grabbed around 120 pips of GBP/CHF. Predicted the fall, but was expecting around 50pip gain, but haven’t set TP level.

On the other hand, i lost 150 pips on EUR/NZD, but at least the position was small. I usually set one of three position sizes, that was the lowest setting.

What you up to, fellow forum lurkers?

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heck bro, grabbed 120 pips, lost 150 pips and thats a quite day. Hate to see a busy day

It’s usually smaller amounts, but about 20 transactions a day, 30-60 pips each. One way or another.

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