Quite a suggestion

Hi to all of you who run BP

I’ve been on this forum for a while now. In that time you notice trends, behavior, common questions and so on.

Many traders here, past and present, have their own “trading rooms” in a variety of places such as skype, special chat rooms, etc. Most, probably all of them charge money for this.

As we all know, this has also been the cause of more than a few bans and conflicts on BP.

Just now I came to think of this:

Why not build a section here on BP where those that wish can run their “rooms”?
There could be options of free rooms, fee rooms, rooms where you pay only if you make a profit. Of course many possibilities exist for sharing such fees between BP and the room "owner(s)"
The rooms could be reviewed by either you, or the members. That way bad rooms would soon disappear.
There could also be a demand in the rules that all trades be called in advance and there could be a function which objectively calculates R:R, win% and other such important measures, making it relatively easy to compare performance.

I think such an addition to BP would not only increase traffic heavily, but also give people better transparency on these rooms and their fees and performance.
There could even be a free room where you invite people such as your bloggers to guest trade and show their abilities and anaytical thinking live.

I understand that this is quite a task, but I have a feeling that doing this would put you ahead of the competition.

As usual, thanks for a very well managed site/forum

That is an excellent idea :slight_smile:
It would be nice if sharing charts feature is available.

Thanks for the suggestion. Our chatroom is free for any registered member to visit and talk about their own trading methods.

We will look into expanding out chatrooms in that manner…thanks again!

I think o990l6mh has an excellent idea here!!

I know the chatroom is free and available, but, to put it bluntly, the Babypips chatroom sucks…

I own a subscription to a WizIQ Virtual Classroom. If I began a completely non-commercial (no fees, no ads, no nothing) trading room would I be allowed to post the link on the Babypips forums? I’m not trying to make money in any way, just offering it as a service to the community that helped me get started in forex!!

The classroom supports voice chat, chart sharing, and a ton of other features that the Babypips chatroom lacks.

I’d be more than happy to place a permanent link to Babypips.com in the classroom, it would be visible 100% of the time and prominently displayed… Also, because of the way the classroom works it requires a new link to join every day, so there’s no way people could enter the room and never come back to Babypips. They’d have to come here every time they wanted to enter the room.

I think it would be a win-win situation for everybody…


I think this is a good idea and hopefully bpips can come up with something that suits everyone. The current chatroom is rarely used for reasons already graphically explained!