R:R, win rate, and r multiples

which one do traders with experience use when measuring gains on trades?

Hi naruto98,
Everything is considered and evaluated. There is also trade opportunity, you can have great numbers but limited trade volume. An overall number that is important to my system development is Sharpe Ratio, read up on what this means, but in essence, it evaluates many of the inputs and gives a number. I like to target an above 2.5 overall score. Another factor that seems to be missing with many traders is the lack of data collection to assess the current performance vs backtested performance or whatever you use to select a trading strategy.

These things are hard to isolate as they are all connected through the mechanism of the strategy selected.

A viable strategy tends to have either a low r:r and a high win rate, or a high r:r but a low win rate. Both strategy approaches can be profitable but its hard to devise anything which has high values for both at the same time.