Raghee Horner's System of Wave & CCI Check out her FREE webinars

I read Raghee Horner’s Forex [U]Trading for Maximum Profit[/U] and I thought I should share some thoughts to other newbies like myself. Raghee uses the system of waves consisting of 3 EMA (34 low, 34 high, 34 closed) and CCI.

She has a couple webinars on her website http://www.raghee.net/home.htm

I strongly recommend other new traders like myself to check it out. Even if you don’t like her system you may learn a thing or two. She went into the busy trading hours around the world deeper. Like when we should trade and when we shouldn’t. We have it here on babypips ‘school’ too but she just went deeper with some more explanations.
You can watch how she setup up her charts in 30/60/180/240 time frames also how she draws her trend lines and uses Fibonacci levels. It’s nice to see what an expert actually sees in front of her computer =D

She also shares how she uses her setups. Go download her webinars for FREE and grab a bag of chips and just sit back relax and learn more. Anything that’s FREE can never go wrong and that’s why I love babypips so much ^^

Thanks Fuside,

For this great info. It is really helpfull, if you are a newbie or experienced, one can always learn something.



I think Raghee’s system does make a lot of sense. But one thing that troubles me is the 3 EMA waves. My charting software provided by forex.com does not allow me to plot 3 EMA’s of 34 based on the low/high/closed price. Anyone knows any charting software that allows you to do this? Any free ones out there?


I’m using Metatrader 4 while I practice. It seems to let you plot MA’s to the open/high/low/close and chose the period. It’s free too.

Google Metatrader 4 and you’ll find the site no problems. Not sure of the rules regarding posting links here.

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Thank you PKFFW,
Let me try searching for it.