Rakeback/spreadback in forex trading?

Ok this is my first post, I’m reading through the whole babypips school now (great info btw), but there is one thing I’m wondering. I’ve got a poker background, to make the comparison, you can sign up with a site and they earn money off of you by collecting rake from every pot (comparable with spread in fx trading I think?). Now there are certain affiliates who give you a rakeback % if you sign up through them.

So say you paid $3000 rake in a month, they for example might give you 40% ($1200) back.

Is there something similar in forex trading? And I read all this “the best broker varies for everyone”, now it is something I understand when we are talking about poker sites (different bonuses, software and most important of all a different player base), but for fx trading isn’t it just the lowest spreads that count?

Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I just don’t want to make the mistake of signing up without getting the best deal possible.

I won’t be doing a lot of big trading though, just want to start with a demo account, but do have the funds to go big if I somehow turn out to be profitable at fx trading.

hi, I know there Cash Back Forex Forex Rebates | Forex Brokers but I never used, I wonder if it is good as the poker rake.

Reputable broker in a regulated country, good spreads and good execution is what you look for. To my knowledge those sorts of brokers don’t engage in any sort of rakeback. The best you might get is some sign-on bonus. I would wager that any broker that offers to return a percentage of the spread to you every month is over-charging the spread or provides bad execution on the trade to cover what they give back to you.

I come from a poker background also and since you asked this question I did a little research and found a site that offers cashback.

Cash Back Forex USA Forex Rebates | Forex Brokers

I have not used this site as I just found it a little while ago. Let me know if you use it and if so let me know how it works out.