Range Bars

Does anybody know how and where I can get hold of a range bar indicator?

I have an indicator that displays the pip range for the current & previous bar, and average over a variable lookback period, of a variable time frame…5min, hourly, daily etc…is that what you’re looking for?

I’m looking for a pip range bar indicator…it has nothing to do with time. It relies solely on price action.

For clarity’s sake what does the indicator do? It sounds like you need a display of the current bar’s range but that’s what Sweet Pip says he has. It’ll help us find exactly what you need.

it’s a pip range bar. instead of candlesticks forming according to time…it forms according to price action. If you set it to move in increments of 8 pips then a new candle forms instead of waiting for a new candle to form every 5, 15, 30 min and so on.

Are you looking for something like a “Point & Figure Chart” only plots price and not time?

I think a saw a MT4 P&F indicator some were online.

Also, I know that CMS VT-Trader has Point & Figure charting, actually looks like it could be a great trading method…

like this?

It’s not exactly shown in that format, but that’s what the volume indicator in MT4 shows. It just displays the number of tick movements per candle.

Maybe it will work for Braylon’s needs?

Braylon, You need to contact TradingFX.com as they offer exactly what you are seeking and are the best providers of pure price forex charting technology. I have been using the TradingFX Charts for over a year now and I am more then happy. They provide both Range Bar Charts and Point & Figure Charts, plus you can trade directly off the charts via the Currenex ECN and no dealing desk. The spreads are very tight and they even have a trade room with live trade calls and classes offered daily. Best of all, there was no purchase cost for me to download the full TradingFX software package.

You can sign up for a free trial with TradingFX to test the charts and strategies for yourself before you download the software.
I think you’ll like what they offer.

Check them our and I’m sure you will be impressed, and if you come in their trade room look me up.

Hi Sweet Pip,
I’m looking for just such an indicator.
Could you tell me where it’s available, please.


If you go to the Platform Technology board on FF and do a search, you will find several threads about Renko and Range bars. They have indicators and lots of discussion about their use.

I’d be interested to learn whether or not anyone else has had any experience with “TradingFX”
I had a look at their Website. Some page redirect to some strange FX advertising. There are no contact addresses or telephone numbers. May or may not be a scam. Interested on others experiences.

Hello, I have really been looking into Range Bar Charts. Found some videos on Youtube by TradingFX.com, they looked beautiful. I was hoping I could find some info on babypips to see which brokers offered this.Then I came across this post and was relived to see your reply. Apparently TradingFx is the way to go. I was wondering if you have Skype or an email and if I could ask you a few question about it, it would be greatly appreciated. Safe trading.