Rate My Broker

Please share your thoughts :confused:

lol ftl :stuck_out_tongue:

lol thats jokes

who are you tradeing with ?

whom we are supposed to rate? let’s at least make a list

im confused what goign on here.hi

more than 650 pips spike in no time . I just wanted to show you things that really happen in forex , so be careful choosing ur broker

Man I would go with dukascopy if I were you lol

lowy, sh…t happens, you know. but is your infromation supposed to tell us about Forex?

What do you want ?

forextalke, I heard dukascopy has 50,000 minimum deposit. Is it good, you think?

Yes its supposed to (do not use “us” , talk about your self ) .
If you dont like it [B]just stay aside and be a viewer[/B].
If you have the info , maybe someone else doesn’t.

lowy, I don’t see any real reason for to talk like that: you have shown 650 pips soike and your message “choose your broker carefully” is supposed to warn trader. I shared your opinion that some don’t hesitate cheating on clients, however your screen without any comment is worth nothing. Did you contact their support or smth?