Rate my Tools

I wanna dedicate this thread for all those who want to share or ask about the tools we use, pc, laptop, ourselves.

So me first.

I recently bought a laptop, a HP ProBook 4530s, well, it do its purpose but what makes me select it from other options is the metal case. I had two laptops plastic case, the first one overheated and works no more and with the second one i bought a external cooler wich ultimately smashed down all interial because of dust, that thing works for nothing. So, metal case is much better because it disipates heat much better.

WHile i am searching for some portatile ergonomig thing to put on my laptod, i bought a portable table those used for having breakfast in bed, but it is quite unconfortable when i wanna get out. So I don´t use that thing quite often and try to sit on my bed with the laptop until my back yells. I solved the problem by switching places and changing locations time to time.

For trading i use the good old MT4 and i don´t use mobile trading, it is just not as versatile as MT4, especially android based plattforms. I have an android phone thought but i don´t use it for trading, i use it to read and play Angry Birds. Also i use it as a back up internet connection when wifi is gone or not available.

I suscribed rss for Bloomberg, Reuters and Wall Street Journal, and time to time i go to the websites themselves. I only read headlines and when there is something interesting i read the whole article. When something seems to impact market, i add the event to my trading plan.

I journal every trade on an excel sheet wich i´ve designed to be the most simple tool, wich describes signals, mistakes, flauds, how i feel, and of course the open and clos charts for each trade. Separately i have a Plan Diary wich is hand written, where i put my overall analisis, my execution plan, my mental state, how i feel, the slips, my commitments and so on. I use a Inoxcrom fountain pen to write i cannot write with anything else. I have my System writtten down on recicled paper wich is mor elegant and it is bent as it was a wedding invitation, also my trading rules (for the moment are 10) are written down the same way. Generally i try to do everything elegant.

For now that is all tools i can remember. Maybe in a year or two i´ll get a Windows based tablet, i don´t justify an IPad or a Galaxy because my XPeria do the same thing and those tablets are not good for work, they are just for entertainment. Try to run AutoCad on an IPad. Real and useful apps are made in Windows.


My indispensable trading tools are…
an old wind-up big ben alarm clock, auto brew coffee maker by “mr coffee” and a fist full of amphetamines! :22:

Well, thanks for the tip, i don´t have a coffe machine at home so i make it at office but sometimes i am so lazy that i end up with instant coffee. I´ll try to get one next month.


Four years ago almost the same season when i went into forex i bought myself a Seiko (not the Kinectick type) with chronograph, back then i did not know why i wanted a chronograp but today it is a useful tool for me went i blow off. Yeah, when emotions come what i do is start the chronograph so when deadline is over the emotion will fade.


My most valuable tool: my crdit card.

I don´t use it anymore but i still have it. I keep it for emergencies and use it only for adding funds to my fx account but after of loading cash to the plastic. I never risk borrowed money, bad idea. If you have more than one credit card i recommend you to cancel the otrhers, it is too much tempation and when things goes wrong you´ll end up into a lot of debts. Cut the newest ones, keep the oldest, i know is the highest commision and the highest interest but is the one that keeps the oldest financial record you have and the most easy to be renewed.

When i say i don´t use it i mean i don´t use the available margin, i use the plastic for everything but i load with cash first as it was a debit card. Why? Because it grants me points and if things goes wrong, in case of fraud my money is returned back enterely. With the debit cards only a fraction of it. With credit cards my bank account is not in risk but debit cards are linked directly to my acc. Also my credit card balnce sheet demonstrate that i am willing to stay out of credit instability.


I am switching form an MM to an STP broker, then if everything goes ok i´ll scale it up to an ECN.


One thing than helps mw to relax is to squeeze a stress ball and make it bounce on the desk helps too.


i found a angry birds plastic token that i flip to ease stress

I have a $150 used corporate laptop. Firefox browser. Latest version of Java. And Oanda.

You have a weapon of mass destruction, yeah!!! Next month i’ll get one.

One other thing with helps me is the dart board. Just tossing some darts makes me feel better.


One thing i recommend is I Doser tapes, they help me to relax and fall sleep quickly. It only works with earphones. Just don’t use it when you are doing dangerous activities like driving.

Clasical music for enviromental helps too, recommended: Mozart and Beethoven.


I just take care of myself and i drink water whenever i can, sometimes upto 5 litres a day, off course it makes me go to bathroom every 5 minutes. Urine must be transparent to light yellow, if it’s dark yellow you are dehidratated and your kidnees are howrking too hard. When the body is not hydratated it begins to work not well, and it affects trading too.


Today i bought a new fontain pen for myself a Parker. The Inoxcrom well, the painting started to peel off and it wastes too much ink and it is expensive, later one i bought another one, Baoer was the brand, i got it in ebay, worked fine, wasted more ink but the truble was when it began to spill ink everywhere, it had a leak and i was always stained. So today i bought a Parker, took time to pick one, now i am happy with my new tool. I cannot write propperly yet i have to get used to the Parker’s nib. By the way it takes time to write with a new fontain pen, it has to adapt itself to writers handwriting, and that is why a fountain pen must not be borrowed it molds itself over the time.


I bought a PC remote controller because i really hate to switch from mouse to keyboard, it would be easier if things could just be done with keyboard. What i hate the most is scrolling the pages, that dam scroller wheel makes my hand aches. So now i can do a lot of things like control volume, skip to the next song, scroll the page to read and all in one single device when i am on non keyboard mode.


You should try Hi-Tec C Cavalier. It’s $16 on jstationary.com

Are you sure that is the website?

[Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier

Pilot Cavalier Fountain Pen - Black - Fine Nib - JetPens.com](Maintenance)

My recently dowloaded android app, Whatsapp precisely and i don’t know how to use it.

my preferred tools are:

air tools
glock .40 S&W and ruger .357Mag
logitech trackball
a long cooking chopstick used as a pointer while i contemplate the charts
the air conditioner
waterman & pelikan fountain pens w/ noodler’s ink
zojirushi hot water dispenser and bialetti moka express
humidor full of cubans and butane torch lighter
winamp loaded up with a variety of trance tracks (Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance is commonly found loaded)

Kinda cool this app, however it is not trustable as sms yet i mean sometimes it does not deliver the message inmediately but it works fin for large conversations and spare your phones bill because it only uses internet.