The 3 Duck's Trading System

No. And had you done your homework by actually perusing the thread content you’d have discovered that by yourself.

If you haven’t even sufficiently road tested the original set up to determine whether it does indeed offer acceptable returns, then why are you prematurely assuming entries require optimizing & exits require prolonging?

Why the reluctance to simply plug in, play & test the set up in its original format?

Beats me, it really does.

There’s barely a month goes by these days without one or more newbies strolling in (having not bothered to read & digest the content) asking one question after another that has absolutely no relation or bearing whatsoever to the approach being presented.

It’s not like everything they need to know isn’t covered in the 1st post on page 1 or repeated & updated inside half a dozen pages of a free e-book. The same questions are answered multiple times within the pages & reasons given for various scenarios.

If they can be bothered to drag themselves through the content they’ll discover one or two valuable little gems such as how to incorporate the average daily & weekly range to assist with managing opportunities & positions + a simple & very effective alternative pullback entry for the those with a slightly spicier risk appetite that can be utilized across both hourly & sub-hourly timeframe preferences.

15 minutes is all that’s required to read, process, set up the charting platform & begin looking for opportunities!

ffs, its 1 moving average spanning 3 timeframes.

No need for fibonacci or STARCS, pivots, support & resistance, elliot wave, volume, pretty butterfly patterns, wolf waves, channels, trend lines or any other indicator combination they can dream up.

Don’t overthink it - just read the content, join up the dots & get to work conducting your own research & testing based on your individual trading objectives, risk appetite & time allocation.

I guess my question should have been more specific. I should have posted it this way.
While I have not read the whole thread here on this forum I have followed this thread on other forums and entry and exit’s seem to be a reoccurring question. I have read the pdf’s from Captain Currency’s Blog and I don’t feel entry and exits are a problem but I am curious if anyone has ever tested the use of STARC Bands for entry and exit signals. The reason for me to be posting this question is because I have done a search of the thread for STARC Bands and the search returned zero results. So, I am asking if there has ever been anyone that follows this thread that might have possibly tested STARC Bands with this system and just forgot or maybe even had the audacity to not bother and post everything they have ever done in testing this system on their own to this thread.

As I stated above it is my fault for not posting a more specific question. But you really felt the need to spend time on labeling and tearing down my character in the assumption that you knew all of these things you said about me. Should I assume you may have always been a miserable person and I’m not saying you are. Instead I’ll ask has the posting of questions to a forum where questions are posted in the attempt of getting an answer to a question, driven you to the point of your attacking another’s character. There isn’t a single thing you said that was constructive towards anything in this thread or forum or for any other reason than your own personal gratifications. If I am guilty of posting a question that was not well thought out. What do you think you are guilty of? I will say there’s barely a month that goes by that someone’s disposition surprises me anymore.

You’re quite correct, there’s nothing wrong with the entries or exits. They’re as valid & optimal today as they were when first introduced 8 years ago. The problem lies in the people applying them.
They’re either too lazy or too stupid.

The former can be very easily remedied, the latter however is pretty much a lost cause & accounts for a good majority of the frustrations regularly witnessed throughout the thread (& forum).
Adding & tinkering with a perfectly logical & efficient entry/exit set up won’t improve or enhance what is already a very workable option.

If something isn’t broken then it doesn’t need fixing!

I’ve also perused 3 Ducks on other forums & concur with volan’s comment about the utter stupidity from those you refer to.

How many times do Andy & other established contributors have to repeat themselves before it sinks in?
It’s hardly complex. There are dozens of examples throughout the thread(s) highlighting both entries & exits. He/they even post them with suggested entry points in advance!!..& still they consistently manage to f*ck it up.

The trouble with most folks who wander into this game is they’ve got no more common sense than they were born with. They don’t take the time to read the content properly neither do they practice any degree of patience when it does actually manage to sink in. No amount of additional optimization is going to help them.

As has been suggested, the problem isn’t with the technical set ups it’s with those implementing them. There’s a plentiful supply of quality opportunities available each week based on the entries discussed in the original presentation without the need for unnecessary additional entry indicators.

If you wish to pursue & discuss your own interpretation of 3 Ducks then kick off another thread & stop steering this one off track. There’s enough of that nonsense goes on across the forum without this quality thread becoming another victim.

I have been lurking on this thread for almost a year. I have read every post here, word-for-word, and I have read Andy’s ebook at least three times. I have experimented with [I]The 3 Ducks Trading System[/I], and I have considered posting the results that I have achieved with it.

That’s not why I’m here today.

Today I’m here to stand up for Turk (keithna01), who asked a perfectly reasonable question, and got a smart-ass answer from one of the holier-than-thou members of this thread. Turk deserves better than that. Any newcomer asking a sincere question deserves better than that.

The rude treatment given to Turk is merely one instance of a problem which occurs frequently on various threads on the [I]Babypips[/I] forum — and probably on almost all forums of this sort, as well. I refer to this problem as [B]verbal bullying by self-appointed forum elites.[/B] And I think it’s time these forum elites were called out for their behavior. So, here goes —

There’s a group of so-called bank traders, or institutional traders, here on the [I]Babypips[/I] forum, who typically look down on — and talk down to — retail traders, and especially confused, floundering, newbie retail traders.

These so-called professional traders hang out in their own little CLIQUE OF ELITES, and condescend to speak to the rest of us only when they want to mock our trading ideas, and ridicule our lack of sophistication in this business. These elites all participate in a sort of perpetual circle-jerk, in which they all support and “like” everything said by any one of their cohort. There are 8 or 10 of them, currently active on this forum.

One of their most obnoxious habits is this: Whenever a non-elite forum member comments favorably about a particular trading strategy which the elites don’t use, don’t like, or don’t understand, the elites will demand that the stupid non-elite member submit months (or years) worth of [I]myfxbook[/I] evidence to show that the strategy works. If the non-elite member cannot show proof of long-term success with the strategy he is proposing, the elites will resort to ridicule — liberally laced with unintelligible jargon — until their victim is silenced.

Sounds just like the sort of tactic used by garden-variety forum trolls, doesn’t it?

The elites don’t just criticize and ridicule non-elites. They also boast about their superior “elite” trading methods — again, in jargon that nobody can decode. So, what happens when one of the non-elites has the audacity to ask an elite for [I]myfxbook[/I] proof that the elite approach to trading actually works successfully over the long haul?

Well, as you might guess, the elites don’t tolerate that sort of snarky challenge to their lofty “elite-ness”.

Here’s a question posted by a non-elite newbie, who obviously didn’t understand the class divisions on this forum, or how inappropriate it is for low-life non-elites to demand any sort of proof that the lofty rhetoric of the elites is more than just hot air.

The following quote is real. The name of the non-elite forum member being quoted has been fictionalized.

And here’s the response he got from one of the forum elites, who has no proof to offer that all his smug pontificating is anything other than bullsh!t.

Again, the quoted post is real. The name of the elite forum member being quoted has been fictionalized.

And, finally, here’s a reply to the SmugEliteGenius from a [I]Babypips[/I] member who is neither smug, nor a self-appointed forum elite.

As before, the quoted post is real. The poster’s name has been fictionalized.

Indeed, the common denominator in all the bombast posted by all the forum elites seems to be stroking their inflated egos.

Turk didn’t ask for [I]myfxbook[/I] proof of anything. He simply asked whether anyone had tried using a particular indicator as an adjunct to [I]The 3 Ducks[/I] methodology. But, that was enough to trigger condescending abuse from more than one self-appointed elite.

A civilized reply to Turk’s question might have been something along these lines:

[I]The 3 Ducks Trading System[/I] works just fine without the sort of embellishment you are suggesting.

That being said, many participants on this thread have proposed various tweaks to the System, and their experimentation is perfectly legitimate — but, not on this thread.

Andy, and the veteran participants on this thread, insist that discussions on this thread should be limited to the methodology as first proposed.

Sadly, smug elites are not in the habit of posting civilized replies.


Couldn’t agree more to the post above (2087) - help or don’t help, but don’t become a bully please.

I have to add though, nobody can ever expect to make money in this business without working bloody hard. Even though this system appears easy, you should never take anybody’s word for it and you need to do your own work as well.

Practise with a paper account and see how this system fits in with your style of trading - everybody is different and will get a different result.

Oh, and by the way - the Captain isn’t telling people off! I think he would prefer people to help out. And he has previously stated that the system can be modified to suit; it is a discretionary system after all, so why not discuss the discretionary element on this forum?

My penny’s worth - fill your boots!

Steve L

PS congratulations on the 6-Nations win.

so anyway, onto the important bit……….

gbp/nzd, gbp/aud & eur/ndz continue to look the best of the short picks heading into the new business week, whilst nzd/cad & eur/gbp are the early front runners for bets to the long side……all incidently being prepped & filtered as per the [B]original[/B] timeframe/moving average set up with no added seasoning!!

Good afternoon and greetings,

I haven’t posted in ages but I had to give a hand clap for this post.

I have no idea of the reason for some people’s smug replies to genuine newbies but I do agree it stinks of arrogance. Some of the threads I have really enjoyed here on this site have always come with the premise of ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question’. But in the last year or 2 in certain threads that outlook has changed which goes against the ethos of the website on whose forum these people post.

Sorry for interrupting your thread Andy and thanks once again for providing it in the first place.

Ni bheidh do leithead aris ann. Slan go foil agus beannacht,

Le meas,


Nice post Clint.
You sure have a verbal Walther PPK!

Thanks for the shout-out, Pipity.

I’m not sure about the Albert Henry reference, but I’ll take it.

And I’m proud to hang this Award on my wall! Thanks.

Thanks for giving me the clap!

Actually, I [I]do[/I] carry a Walther, but it’s the larger-frame model PP —

— not the smaller “James Bond” model PPK.

Nice post Clint. Im intrigued about your results now! Any chance of you sharing with us;-)

Everyone does realize that the Header is “The beginners guide to Forex trading” And that a forum is defined by 1. A medium in which the public may debate an issue. 2. A meeting place to discuss matters of general interest. Education is defined by 1. The imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at a school or similar institution. 2. The knowledge or abilities gained through being educated. 3. Training and instruction in a particular subject. 4. (This one is my favorite) learning experience- an informative experience.

That was taken from post #15 So the original author said to make the system your own with entries, stops, targets and adding to winning positions etc. He said just don’t change the bones of the system. I am going to assume he was referring to what was posted in the very first #1 post. The three or four steps to determining a possible trade. So everything else could then reason to be improved upon to an extent to match your own trading style. The discussion of such improvements could then be discussed in a medium in which the public may debate an issue. A “FORUM” by chance. To the people that said if we wanted to discuss a different approach to the system we should start a new thread. Well clearly from the original authors own words I am in the right thread and you should be looking to start a new thread. You can title it “My closed minded attempt to bemuse everyone for my own personal satisfaction” let me ask those who used words like Stupid and lazy and a couple of others. Have you ever had a vehicle you may have added a performance part to. A different oil filter other than the OEM model. Air filter, floor mat, Battery, spark plugs anything that wasn’t a direct replacement part from the original manufacturer. And if you have why? It clearly wasn’t needed or the manufacturer would have put it there to begin with right? But in this case the Author originally put in to “make the system your own” In my first follow-up I was careful not to name call or say anything I thought would be real offensive as I didn’t want to lower myself to your level. But who the hell do you think you are to try to moderate a thread for the education of others to what you feel is the correct approach when once again the original author wrote to make the system your own. This thread is here for the education of everyone who stumbles upon it. Not just you and what you think the thread should be after you stumbled upon it. Keep your rhetoric and name calling to yourself. You are not doing anyone here trying to learn any good. Maybe you should switch therapist to one that can help you control those issues. Or tell your current therapist the medication you are currently on isn’t working, your still and A**hole. You are ruining the apparent good will nature of the original author and his attempt to try to help people.
For those of you that took up for me and you know who you are. I’m not going to quote anyone because I don’t want you to take any of the backlash from what I just wrote above. But thank you. You are clearly a credit to the Human Race. I leave you with a quote. “If you want to know what a man is like, take a look at how he treats his inferiors not his equals.” J.K. Rowling
Turk, Sensible Non-Elite Doofus, but a good Human being

please please learn to use line breaks when posting walls of text :51:

Would also be nice to get back on subject in this thread instead of discussing posting quality.

Have’nt been here fpr a while.

WT actual F ?!

Get your handbags out ladies and end it there. Please don’t ruin andy’s thread.

We are all newbies in a sense that we are all still learning regardless of experience. My experience of fancy lagging ****e indicators that don’t work is that simplicity is underrated as i am sure many will agree.

Which is where the essence of Andy’s system lies, Keeping it simple. Using technique and simple indicators to help see the ‘Action of the Price’.

I may be wrong. Good luck and happy trading to all.


I second that,

Im currently in a Eur/JPY buy trade.

Entered this morning when all ducks lined up.

Didnt hit my TP of 131.6 and seems to have gone sideways.

Going to hold it overnight as I am bullish in the short term.

Happy Tuesday!

Very nice. using it now.

While the Captains ebook states you can short any break on the 5min chart as long as the ducks line up I would like to talk a little about filtering out ‘messy’ charts and the ‘timing’ of your trades.

Personally I have a 20-30 pip SL depending on the ATR of the pair I am trading.
I never place a profit target but let the trade run and manually move my stop below or above significant lows/highs on the 5min chart or if the price has moved above its ATR I might move it down to below/above minor lows/highs.

I am always looking for what I would consider a ‘clean’ chart and to illustrate that lets take a look at the difference between the 2 below charts:

Considering we want to trade with the trend it should go without saying that the EURGBP chart is by far the best looking as price is now moving in a range on NZDJPY (higher chance to get stopped out before the trend continues that on EURGBP).

In terms of the timing of the trades if you look on most charts you will note that the major moves of the day usually commences at London open and at NY open a few hours later the move either retraces or continues.
You will often find a pair to retrace the days move in the hours after 5pm NY time when open positions are rolled over and the Asian session starts.

Being on the US east coast (EST timezone) myself this is how my day looks.
I get off work around 5pm and glance at the charts when I get home but I don’t place any trades yet and instead I wait until just around 11pm placing my pending orders (I would wait even longer if I could keep myself awake).
The reason for this is you often get false breakouts during the Asian timezone and if I could keep myself up until 3am (when London opens) I would do so.
The best setup for me is a currency pair that is going against the 4h trend in the hours from 5pm - midnight (EST) as this will usually signal the price will continue with the trend once the big players wake up.
After I place my trades I dont look at them again until the next morning usually around 10am (after the initial move of the US open has happened) and if they are still going in my direction I then lower/raise my SL above/below an appropriate high/low.

The Captain states in his ebook that you can place your trades any time during the day but I would personally suggest you try to aim for catching the moves around London and NY open if you place your trades of the 5min chart.

I live in Central time zone, but place my evening orders about the same time as you, 11pm est. I also place morning trades at 7:15am est. I also have noticed it is a good time to place a trace when the previous session has gone “counter 3 duck trend”. I’m still experimenting with how I’m going to do my SL and TP

Good morning all,

I couldn’t agree with this more and it’s where I’m trying to guide my own trading, a nice sloping MA with legitimate and trending price swings make everything so much easier and more importantly they reduce the stress because trades move in your favour much more quickly.

It is a work in progress and definitely the hardest thing to do is wait for those cleaner type charts for your trade but doing so actually increases your profit potential…less really is more!

As for the trade I mentioned earlier (long Eur/JPY) it has turned a profit this morning and I am still holding out for my original TP (the high at 131.5-600 area).

Have a great Wednesday :slight_smile: