RBA’s Interest Rate Decision DOs and Don't?

I know there are lots of new traders like me who wants to catch the action on major news events.
The volatility of these policy announcements can some times produce explosive movements, drawing traders attention like moth to a flame. But do not get too close and get burnt! Here are some conclusions I’ve drawn from personal research and advice from other posters

DO: See what happens! A pure technical trader should not just skip over these events, the reactions to the news often sets the mindset of the pursuing price action.

DO NOT: trade without a stop loss, probably shouldn’t trade at all but IF you are feeling lucky at least wear protection.

those are my 2 cents, what are some of yours?

(Currently Long AUD/USD will probably get out soon and reenter if the direction remains bullish afterwards)

took a measly 20 pibs on the ride down, but Wow…

Eeeek, an unforseen ambush… Nooooooo…

Hi chartzard,

In my opinion,

Do: i think just close all open position and observe what develops, before entering any trade again.

Dont: NEVER REGRET the decision to close all position, even if it turns out to be positive after all.