Re: Metatrader 4 Platform

Where can I learn detailed instructions about the custom indicators on the Metatrader 4 Platform? I would like to learn how to use each indicator before I decide which works best for my trading style. I’m a new forex trader.

Google is going to be your best friend there. I am not trying to sound funny but you got to be more specific. Start with one and go from there. Every MT4 plattform will have a different set of custom indicators in it. And you can add indicators later on if you wish.

I do commend you of trying to actually learn the indicator before starting a strategy on it.

hmm… try to open mql editor… see what indicator intention from there… thats the most detailed explanation for each indicator anyway ^___^

But dont foget to visit the school of pipsology to attain several basic indicator knowledge there :wink:

Well google is your best friend,but if you want members to share their experience then in my opinion BJF Trading Group indicators is one of the best indicators available.

Very much agreed. Learn the tool you want to use or the tool will use you. A lot of new traders don’t bother taking the time to learn and understand an indicator, but jump into using it because they heard it being mentioned a few times by others.

ALL indicators are poop, Dont waist your valuable time.

just tryin to help,

but the naked chart looks so… naked.

I Love this Career

My charts have more indicators on them than a mountain climber on mt.everst have jackets on him. Your eyes would probably bleed, pop-out, and then explode.

At times, I’ve thought they’re all very confusing so you might actually have a point.

LOL, Been there… Its like throwing a plate of spaghetti on your screen.

Open a new chart, pick 1 pair, choose 1 direction,

Do that for 1 month… Yes, even the direction… Only go Long, or only go short, you choose, and stick with it for the entire month.

try to use

I’ve scanned this page right here, wasn’t too helpful but you might find what you were looking for here MQL4 Code Base: custom indicators for MT4

Ah yes. We do not want that, now do we?haha

I’d long USD/JPY for a month. You?

I only short EU, Forever

Hey Bro, I dont mean, open the trade, and let it run for a month, I mean, each time you make a trade, only go long or short, for the entire month…

Oh, I get you. But what about all the pips you’ll be missing out on?

I’m planning to trade just the majors to ensure I’ve tight spreads. With limited options available, surely a pure-long(or short)-all-month would be costly.

Or are you telling me that vice versa would be costly?

What Im saying is, Master seeking trades going 1 direction, Then, Master going the other direction, Then, if you feel comfortable with both, then go either way when you have mastered them both.

I dont need many pips a day, and I could care less about pips left on the table.

Like a baseball player, step to the plate the same way, each and every at bat.

Just my logic, just trying to help you get a better footing in this business, as its what helped my trading.

I get you. I’ll try this when I can and it’ll probably be with the USD/JPY pair. I see a lot of long opportunities with that pair after this slight correction taking place right now.

Thank you to all who posted good or not so good advice. I discovered a few good indicators I feel comfortable using after trying a few. I like the bull, bear, macd and adx. I don’t like how crowded my chart appears but I’m a little more successful now (better than 50/50% win/loss) that I’ve learned how to use these indicators in conjunction with each other.

Good stuff, Im happy for ya, keep rockin it…

If I had to use Any indicators, ADX (2 ) would be the one… Shows momentum drop-off, and great for exits.

TRading is like a diet, there are many ways to do it, but if your not comfortable with it, you wont do it properly.

Now that you have seen the custom indicators in the MT4 trading platform then you can select the indicator you wish to use and just google it. You will get number of results select the best one and get started with learning. This is the best one.