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Hi all,

Has anyone had any luck using the Fibonacci (Fib tool) or is it just a self-fullfulling prophesy by using the numbers in the system?


There are many different types of Fibonacci techniques (see Forexpedia, under letter F).

Wrong forum category.

Morning Foxtrot,

Thank you for getting back to me re: Fibonacci and wrong forum…still in a learning curve with Babypips…where to go…what to do.



} ‘Sorry, thought after intro category discussion moved to island / forextown, or other Q&A.’

‘Guess you could also type in ‘Fibonacci’ into babypips search box and see if there are any threads that others have started on the topic.’ {

} ‘Have encountered some aspects of Fibonacci TA, but not enough to impart wisdom, or endorse its ability to read markets / FX pairs.’

Don’t get married to one single trading technique.