Ready for a change

Hello Traders,

I’m from New Haven, Ct. Over the last 3 years I’ve worked in the insurance industry and although I learned a lot, I didn’t earn enough. I’m here for a fresh start and was recommended this site by an extremely successful trader. I don’t have much experience in this industry but I’m eager to learn and I hoping I’m in the right place. Although I believe that hope is a good thing; I’d much rather know that I’m working towards my REAL goals of being successful. I’m looking to use trading as a way to free up my time and earn some serious capital to invested into other ventures I want to take on in the future.

Greetings Mastery203 and welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing with us your background and tell your extremely successful trader friend for referring us. Is he a part of this community?
Anyways, we hope that our School and Community can get you started off on the right foot and on your way into the long journey that is forex trading…Good luck!

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi there!
Welcome to Babypips forum! Do not hesitate to ask any questions if something goes wrong!