Ready to go live or not?

I have forward tested my strategy for a second month (August).
Market is crypto.
Number of trades: 68
Win rate: 41%
Risk per trade: 1%
Expectancy ratio: 0.41
ROI: 27.95%

Going live or not?

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It’s possible to get good results over a short run of trades without using a consistent strategy consistently.

So it might be more productive for you to post the strategy.

Would I be correct if your test showed a profit of 27.95% with a 41% win rate? If so, then the crypto market is close to trend trading performance. Which means to me that a continuation would support a live account.

You could also try it out on indices, particularly London opening of DAX & FTSE and NY opening of DOW & NASDAQ.

As for FX currency pairs, the long term profits arise from trend trading. It’s a simple price action strategy.

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