Ready to learn all about forex

Hi everyone

I am new at forex,a newbie at everything hoping to learn a lot here

Welcome and good luck! A few simple advice from a fellow newb, maybe the senior citizens will add more :D.
DO: practice with demo for the sake understanding your platform, broker, and Personal preference. I personally made the mistake of trying Way too many “systems” and failed to learn the more basic mechanisms of trading.

DO:start a journal and take it seriously, record all your trades good or bad. Then try to identify why it was good or bad then write it down, even if you just wrote same thing from 2pages ago lol.

DO:Learn the basics of banking, macroeconomics, and finance. Not just the areas that overlap with forex trading. Having a basic idea of how the cogs turn is very helpful in understanding how others(professionals) perceive situations.

DO:try to have fun and enjoy it as a hobby as much as it is a profession. If you don’t enjoy the process (which some people don’t) then it will be that much harder to push through the
inevitable bad days.
My personal 2cent hope they will save you some headaches along the way.

P.S DONT, back out of a EUR/USD long because you saw some analyst write a wall of text and miss out on the 75pibs that you planned to TP at!!! Lol