Real account loss

sorry for a bad english

i deposited 100 dollar in my account 1 month ago
and today 10 dollar biggest loss 62 dollar on gbp/jpy in my trading history
now i am very nervous .i did training at least 6 month but in real trading i am loss all of capital .what you say members leave forex trading ?i avoid to more deposit in account because of fear of loss.

Well bro, I think you put about a bit too much to lose $62 on one trade. Especially with leverage of $100.00. I think before you deposit again, you must follow the 2% rule. Do not risk more than 2% of your total on any trade. In your case 2% would be $2. $2 by 100 points means you would trade 0.02 lot sizes. So before you deposit $100.00 or more, be weary of the 2% rule. Also, if you lose 3 times in succession. Close your Forex platform and come back the following day. Good luck!!!

my order was 0.01 cent in 1 day its down 600 pips very shocking

As a FX trader, you should be trying your hardest to stay on top of fundamental news across the globe / around the clock.
Selling JPY is not very lucrative right now.

Who do invest with 100 $ ?
you need understanding capital required and risk management

Having recently lost big I can tell you, starting out, there should be no priority other than developing a solid risk management strategy. There is a tendency in the beginning to ignore the use of stop loss orders. Because we newbs aren’t as accurate with our projections, and so, deal with major swings in price action before it maybe goes our way. But the answer is not to ignore stop loss usage, but to improve your charting skills. You will lose your 2% pretty regularly in the beginning. But you just have to read, and learn from your mistakes, and stick to your risk management strategy like its the word of GOD. Eventually, you will be profitable.

yes i know little bit about risk much my investment?

yes my mistake i ignore stop loss my order was order 500 points up on resistance level i think was if resistance in broke then market market goes up.but it was fake brake out and market go down down and down.i am totally ignore fundamental.

Whether you leave forex trading or not is your decision alone, but if you do decide to continue, I would recommend going back to trading on a demo account and practising on it until you see that you are making profit consistently. Trade the same way you would with a live account - with the same lots and the same strategy.

Get loss at first time trading experience indeed painful, because hope to get profit is vanish because get margin call account, but I think we don’t need to leaving forex, I am also ever get bad experience and loss many times, but now I am enjoy in busines and only trade as long as have capital in account if no hence will wating get money again.

definitely do some reading on stop-loss strategies. using them is not as simple as you might think. as for investment, if you’re account has 1000 you should risk no more than 20 per trade (2%). to be sure of this, you should set your stop loss and adjust your investment based on the stop (changing lot amount), until your stop is 2% of your account. and never have more than 1 trade open at a time. good luck!

All good advice, but it doesn’t point you to the errors I think you made.

If I am correct, you need to do some extra homework and really understand what you are doing in terms of trade execution (not even trade strategy or risk management, although important).

You say that you lost $ 62 in 600 pip while trading 0,01 cent per pip. If I am correct I see two errors here:

  1. one cent per pip (assuming you see the 0,01 as one cent) gives a loss of $6 over 600 pip. Are you sure you traded one cent (maybe your broker offers that) or a micro-lot (0,01). Most common when placing a 0,01 trade is that you trade 0,01 lots or 1,000 units of your currency ($ 1,000 as example). For EURUSD 1 lot is 100,000 USD, so 0,01 lots is 1,000 USD. I think that you confused $ 0,01 with 0,01 lots.

Trading 0,01 lots gives/takes $ 0,1 per pip, so over 600 pip you would have lost $ 60.

  1. Unless you are trading Yen I think that you confuse pips with pipettes. I don’t know Yen trading well, but a 600 pip drop sounds even to their standards as huge. For other currency pairs it is normal that the 4th digit is one pip, not the 5th digit. If you are trading EURUSD and the price difference is 0.00034, you gained/lost 3,4 pips not 34 pips. The fifth digit is a fractional pip or a pipette. Why is that important? Well does it happen often that a currency pair drops 600 pips? No, I have never seen that. But a drop or rise of 60 pips (or 600 pipettes) is common, so yes that will happen for sure again. In this last case the pip is the 4th digit.

Go through this, and if I am right you jumped into the market too quickly without knowing what you are doing. Should you stop? No, just come back well prepared (see this as a harse lesson).

my order was 0.01cent if 1 pip increase my 0.09 cent
my order was pending its hit when resistance is broken then after resistance broken then pair is gone down and down you see chart of gbp/jpy last two days.

Aahh, yes. I see. So you trade Yen. :smiley: Other rules apply.

I looked at the chart. That is a good drop there. Didn’t you see the Head and Shoulders in the days before?

Anyway, easy to say after the fact. But your money is lost when you stop trading, now it is just in transit waiting to be returned… :wink:

Have you set any SL for your trade? If not, then its your biggest mistake. For 100 USD deposit Stop Loss and Take profit should be set 1-2$ from entry point.

According your provided information where you say that you have spend 6 months at trading school and still you did what you did, which terrible risk management, I think that trading is not for you.

I don’t think he should give up just on loss, whether it big or small, you should continue to improve your skills in order to become a better trader next day.

It is worst that you have lost your almost capital even you have huge demo trading experience, I think you did not perform your demo trading sincerely, therefore you get the loss, so you should restart your demo trading with sincerely and honesty then should re-invest in the real trading.

yes actual loss is in real accounts in demo we can not feel the loss we just see loss not suffer from it . sincerely work in demo can improve trading skill. Even after much experience traders feel uncomfortable with live trading.