Real Estate Investment Trusts

I see alot of potential in these!

Not really. You’re paying someone else to invest in property. They’ll pay you for a few years then stop. You’ll have made peanuts while they’ve just added another property to their portfolio for life. Rather invest yourself or get a bunch of people you know together and do the same thing and split the profits. you’ll then have an income for life.

Very insightful! How do they quality of the tenants impact an integrity based investment?

Aren’t they required to pay out the majority of their income to shareholders? That’s the whole point of them I thought. So if you find a good performing one, you should be getting paid.

I also find that there could be some potential in REITS but it depends in which market they are investing. In this sense you should investigate carefully these funds. At least, some of these might be good investment for diversification of portfolio

You’re right. Investing in real estate is really profitable. I do this for more than 2 years.