Real forex broker

Is there any forex broker that allow traders to make huge profit or anymoney traders want or withdraw all traders money even it reach millions or even billions because i discovered that even Mr Tito hayunanda (johnpaul77) said all brokers were market maker, and i ever saw that even OANDA an NFA regulated forex broker considered as market maker

A good broker is mandatory to make money from this market.

Your question is difficult to understand. Can you clarify?

A trader’s ability to make profit based on their skill, not necessarily on the broker.

Also, all retail FX brokers are market markets because it’s the only way that retail traders can trade forex. Your assumptions regarding market makers seems misplaced. Why do you think market makers are an issue?

Because the name of market maker, i think of the brokers are market maker they cant guarantee the safe of traders fund. The proof are the scams or the traders Case even in good brokers like pepperstone, etoro, globalprime, IC markets … I Saw it in another forum like forexfactory, FPA including the proof

What brokers do people use

I use both IC markets and Pepperstone. They segregate client funds from their own. My accounts are held in Aus banks.

However, IMO, all profitable retail traders should set a maximum account size - $10,000 - $50,000, where daily trading in large lot sizes is still feasible, and keep any other investment monies, elsewhere.

So maximum withdrawal $50,000 for brokers ? I think that reasonable

Did you read my response? It relates to those brokers who segregate client funds from their own. Both IC Markets and Pepperstone do.

Yes there are reliable brokers and no, not all brokers are market makers.

How do we know that the brokers are not market maker ?

Google it. :wink: