Real or demo account : which should I use?

hello my friend
i dont think it is a good idea
he says he didnt work a lot with demo acoount so why he should lose 300 dollar?
he can work more on demo account and then come back to live
and maybe 300 dollar is a lot of money for he so it is not a really good idea

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Thank you very much for sharing your comments. I opened a real account and trade a small position size, I consider it a good experience. I recommend to others that if they work enough with the demo accounts, they don’t have the anxiety and worry of logging into the real account.

No pain no gain.

Don’t go for live trading as long as you are not making any progress in demo account.

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While I still engage in teaching and learning new strategies, I only do it in tiny amounts. I really appreciate your advice.

I would advise to carry on in demo, if you cannot profit in demo then it’s doubtful you will profit in a live environment. Most of us will say the execution of trades isn’t the same, but it’s as close as you will get to trade safely whilst you are testing a system/method, or if you’re a beginner then it will give you a chance to learn your platform better. At the end of the day it has to be your choice, and it’s your money, and we all value money differently when it comes to depositing in in a trading account. Keep in mind that depending on your trading style and money management/risk, even trading at 0.01 lots you can still lose a $300 account in no time. Most of us are trading to keep our money and build it slowly, unfortunately very often it is easy to lose it than increase our bank. Little steps, little gains (or small losses) and learn to begin with. Demo let’s us do this. If it works in demo for a month (minimum) then try a small deposit and trade live. Good luck

You can depart to live trading provided that you have good return consistently from demo account.

you won’t “feel” any advice if you don’t even “feel” trading demo.

You shouldn’t open a live account until you had 3 consecutive winning months with demo-account, this is the short anwser.

If you open a live account you probably will lose money but you might actually have to lose money and make that “experience” for learning. Be careful, watch your SL and keep testing demo until you feel ready (for loosing real money)

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Hey there! It’s great that you’re starting with a demo account to practice trading. While it’s normal to feel a difference between demo and real trading, the demo account is designed to help you learn without risking real money. If you feel ready and confident in your trading skills, opening a real account can give you a more realistic experience

I suggest that you keep on trading on demo unless you are prepared to lose it all. You can start with a small account just to give you a feel of trading with real money. But like I said you have to be prepared to lose it all.

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Thank you for your good, I think demo trading accounts and real trading accounts environments differ greatly. A demo account gives me the chance to practice and learn trading without the risk of real money and also real emotions. It may affect decision-making and trading performance.

Hello Jenirogan, I entirely agree with you.

If you feel you are capable of live trading, then just give it shot. Otherwise stay stuck to demo account.

I gave it a shot by trading a tiny sum of gold on a real account; it went well. many thanks.

First measure your performance on demo account and if it is positive, then go for live trading.

Go step by step. First use demo account and then go for real trading. Besides real trading, you can also use demo account.

Here’s the deal: if you’re still new to trading and want to gain more experience and confidence, sticking with the demo account a bit longer might be a good idea. It’s a safe space to practice and refine your strategies without the risk

A little warning just to keep in mind: sticking to the demo and gaining knowledge is ok, but you should not stick to it so long that you never go live.

Hey there! I totally get what you mean about it not feeling the same as real money trading. So trading in a real account can be a great option. But, the question is, how much are you comfortable potentially losing while you’re still in the learning phase?

I recommend you start small and don’t risk more than you’re willing to lose. Also, even experienced traders still utilize demo accounts from time to time to test new strategies or refine their skills. So you can actually use both real and demo accounts.

Hope that helps! Good luck!

you can use demo to familiarize yourself with the trading app operation, however it is recommended to trade with real account so you can train your trading skills

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