Really new to forex and this doesnt seem legit

Ive just signed up to ATS and I have one thing to say…

ATS is very much legit and is the best online trading method that saves so hours of time waiting in front of the computer looking for signals,watch the market. As a newbie this is the best platform to learn.You just have to enter the criteria and the system executes the trade once the conditions are met.

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Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick? ATS legit. Save time. Best for newbie. Enter criteria system execute trade when conditions meet.

I tried ATS - I could be wrong but it appears to be using Bill William’s fractal methodology. You can buy books on this and also get great templates on TradingView if that’s your thing.

It is very much legit. I have been on this trading road for more than 5 years now, I have read/watched every single trading book/course you can think of on this Earth, and more… This Forex Master Pattern method is one of the few things that made sense and worked. It is beautiful how it is reliable, I combine it with SMC (smart money concepts aka supply and demand method).

What is not nice, though, it is the ridiculous price of US$300 per month to rent the indicator.

I was able to reverse engineer the TradeATS algorithm and improved it a bit to look better on lower or higher timeframes, and developed a version for MT5 which doesn´t cost a liver per month:

Any help to have it installed on MT5 with the modification. Like you said, it’s expensive and not worth the monthly rent. Thank you


Would you mind sharing the code?

And you’re a friend to the community and giving it away for free!!!

haha, I doubt it but i had to try.

Just google for Forex Master Pattern indicator, you will find it at the MQL5 community market.

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No, why would I give away that work for free? Anyways, it´s cheap enough, better than paying US$300 per month to rent it, which is ridiculous.

Yea, that’s big money. How long were you paying?

No I never paid that subscription, I am not crazy lol…

That thing is more geared towards people who need a lot of hand holding to learn the indicator, so you are paying to rent the indicator plus some training videos on how to use the tool and they also make some weekly webinars with outlooks and whatnot…

I just figured out how they did it, he explains how to draw the boxes in a couple of videos, you are looking for a simultaneous higher low and lower high, and you can easily track that using a zigzag indicator configured with the shortest swing possible. I use a very short swing for the higher timeframes, and bit bigger swing for the lower timeframes (type 1 and type 2 in indicator settings), so on the lower timeframe there is not much clutter. Their indicator prints too many boxes, so I also made the minor boxes invisible by default (you can assign a color if you want), and made only the minor expansion lines visible (by default), it´s basically the same thing as they appear at the same time, so when I see the minor line I know a potential major box is in the works, and it also serves as a volatility signal.