Really new to forex and this doesnt seem legit

Overall it seems really legit with all the information given.
But it seems like there are no review findable online at all.
Also at the bottom, their socials all link to the website host instead of their own.

But because I am so new to forex trading I was wondering what you guys think.

its a place which is more appropriate for new forex trader, hope you will enjoying everything with learning. by the way, most welcome in there.


Seems odd that the ATS people think some software is needed for this. I mean, we can all see if price is rising or falling or neither.

I think they use a lot of words to say a simple thing - smart money just means big money and the big money makes price trend: so if you’re smart you’ll follow the trend. The trend is not made by private retail, it is made by the big banks. do what they do, they have the best brains in the business.

I’m the 3rd click on your link.

Decision made within a few seconds - FAQ - no free trial period, either software or training.

Industry standard - if you have something that is worth the money then give a free trial, usually one month.

It follows, in my mind, that if you haven’t then don’t :slight_smile:


not only for newcomers but also important for senor traders to increase knowledge and experience.

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Thank you,
Since im new to trading this seems like a good way to start understanding the market even better.
Ofcourse for the past three months ive been using a demo account but that still is not the same thing as trading with real money because pain & pleasure come in to play now.

So you would say it could be a nice investment to get to understand the markets better?

Alright thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:

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When you`re really new to forex then learn it good and then look for any kind of services. Will be easier for you to sift out the scam.

I think they’ve pretty much answered the question. :sweat_smile: But yeah, I would recommend that you start learning more and more about forex first before paying for any tool or software. :open_mouth: That way, you’ll more or less have a clearer idea whether what you’re paying for is actually worth it or not. :open_mouth:

I have no experience with this software but it looks like heikin ashi bars. “Liquidity lines” are just support and resistance. “Expansion lines” are just the middle of a consolidation area.

As a beginner, it would be much more meaningful to learn to draw these lines, than to have software do it. When I look at the chart, I see way too many lines in general. To sell the software, they are cherry-picking examples that look good. The software won’t trade for you and you are going to have to understand those lines well enough to trade them.

How do you know when the market is done whipsawing and ready to trend? What does an entry look like? How do you manage a trade? None of this is solved by software.

Got the software. Pretty much love it. I’m in my first month. It’s a really good indicator. Pure price action.

I think it’s a good idea to get a good grasp on trading skill first and then look for any software/tool for automation.

Hi Tunechy009,

You’ve had TradeATS for a month now - how’s it going? Is it working for you?



how asre the returns??