Reasonable returns

If I had $1,000 I wanted to put to work in trading what would be considered the ‘average’ rate of return and the ‘average’ time frame to achieve it?

That would depend on the leverage you are using.

I wouldn’t be too concerned with average return in the beginning. Just worry about making positive pips every month. With only $1000 you should make sure you’re not over leveraged. Make sure you practice good money management and only risk a max of 2% on each trade. Trade micro lots if you have to.

When you start getting the hang of things I would say that 2-5% return per month is a reasonable return.

For beginners, it is understandable to have an ROI of less, 2-5% is fine, for somebody who is still learning the trade, don’t expect too much and more care should be done in money management and to take note of the risk involved.

Well, as a beginner, I would expect more losses which is why I will invest only less so that even if I have more losses, they are all in small amounts. :slight_smile: