Rebuilding the image of forex

Hi I am a profitable trader and am sharing signals here. I realize this business is filled with scammers. Hence the following question. How can someone who sincerely wants to share signals break this ‘‘scam image’’ that exists in this business?

Not the usual topic. I know. Honest opinions appreciated!

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I like the Mallard :parrot::flamingo:

Keep up the good work and beat others and show your original work.

Signal services still exist. They’ve just been rebranded as “copy trading” or “social trading”.

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Thank you.

Good to know! Thank you. Do you have experience with it?

the signal service its all about a short time trading approach. nothing without it.

Don’t try to oversell or guarantee anything, don’t try to hard to make it sound too good to be true. Share honest results.

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Very tough to do now a days but myfxbook is a must and a lot of free content to show how you can help people

Definitely this yes!

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How about a copy trading service using the broker?

Signals services are not educational, they don’t assist in the “professional” development of a trader client, they don’t inform on TA and trade management tactics.

I don’t say signal services are scams or that signals from any service are randomly generated. What I say is that there is no way to tell the difference.

Its like a stage magician waving aside a silk scarf to reveal a white dove. Sure, its a real dove, and sure, there is no way on earth to know how the dove was produced. But what does this act teach about stage magic or occult magic? Nothing. Can the audience go home and do the same trick? No. Its entertaining but its basically a steak and kidney pie without meat.

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copy trading is good but this is all about for short time issue ,

That is why it would only be aimed for those who are not interested in studying, want to make money while studying and/or want to have something extra to earn.

For the client signals do not lead to the path of financial independency. If someone wants to learn from a ‘‘service’’, then they would have to find a mentorship.

I like the analogy. Signal service would be more like the show. A mentorship is joining the circus. Makes sense?

What do you mean with short time issue?

Completely. There is a rationally based demand for these services and people should have the choice to use signals if they wish.

Any idea where I could find them to fulfill their DEMAND with my SUPPLY? Pun intended.

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I don’t think you’ll find much resistance. At least, I wouldn’t support it.

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I guess I could say you know the trend, yet you are not one who likes to follow the trend in this instrument.

A myfxbook with tracked results or post your results in your own thread here I’d imagine would help.
No pictures of lambos or FX millionaire lifestyles !

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