Recommend an advisor for easy risk calculation and opening trades

I open trades, but I don’t know how to calculate the risk exactly. I need an advisor to open trades, calculate risk. Who knows this? What can you advise?


check this tolls from BP Position Size Calculator -


Thank you, I know such calculators. I am looking for an Expert Advisor to conveniently open trades.

Search “World Forex Robot” and “Consistent Forex Bot”

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A practical way to do this is to find your entry price but immediately find what price you will place your stop-loss.

For example if I only wish to risk losing £50, and the stop-loss will be 25 pips away from the entry, then I adjust my position size so that it equals £2 per pip.

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As simple as it may sound, amateur traders like me find it quite difficult to determine where to set their stop loss levels. It’s like a riddle. If one sets it too far, there’s a risk of losing the money in case the price goes in the wrong direction. If it’s set too close to the buying price, there’s again the risk of losing money in case the trade ends soon.

If you use TA, you will find a rational place to set your stop-loss. That is, if your position is long, a rational place to set your stop would be where the probability of price rising becomes less than the probability of price falling: for example, just below a recent support level.

If the stop is too close to your entry price, do not open the trade. wait for a better opportunity on this pair, or seek a better opportunity at this time on another chart. Some traders will look at the same chart but on a different time-frame.

Agreed it’s tough but calculating the stop loss using the S&R technique can be great. One needs to figure out the asset’s recent support level and once it’s determined, the stop-loss price can be placed below the support level.

I don’t think so and find the approach inaccurate at times. I always say that prior to pulling the trigger, it’s best that you give the currency some time to come down and then bounce back.

You can easily look for a position size calculator on the website and that will give you some clarity.

To do this manually (with a calculator) would be a lot of work, exponentially depending on the amount of orders…plus…it’s very error prone to do this manually…(in my view)

Why don’t you use an EA for this?

I am already using EA EasyTradePad

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Good to know :+1:
Where did you get it?


downloaded on the softimotrade .

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Ok thanks :slight_smile: @EmilyTrade

I never risk more than 1% of my total capital. But in case you need help calculating you can check out the risk calculator. It works even for complex trades…hedged trades, stop loss orders, etc. You will have your worst case scenario right in front of you. This might help you trade better and get you on the right track.

It is difficult to calculate risk in the beginning so you can watch various trading videos on youtube. Additionally you can also join some trading course which will help you to expand your knowledge