Recommendations for trading platforms

Hi all
Just starting out on my FOREX journey; have been going through e-learning resources mainly Babypips School of Pipsology. Am being inundated with ads for online trading platforms.
Would love some recommendations for platforms suitable for beginners to go for please; I am looking to run with a simulated account to start with.
Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Accept the fact that you will most likely have to test several brokers. Because what’s good for you may not work for me at all and vice versa, despite the fact that companies have similar services, there are always differences, so it’s better to check yourself, but of course focus on companies with a name that have a certain history and statistics.

Surely you already have some company in mind, test their demo, see what features are present, and if everything is ok, then get to work safely.

Choose a broker that will provide classic trading conditions without huge bonuses and promises of super profits, so that the functionality is minimal and the commissions are not too huge, as well as spreads.

It is very difficult to choose a quality and reliable broker nowadays, and this is despite the fact that even licensed brokers may not cope with high service and fail in the most unexpected situations. So I would advise you to read the reviews.