Recommended app or website about cryptocurrency news

Any recommended websites or mobile apps that provide timely updates and insights about cryptos?

Hmmm. :thinking: Tbh, I usually just get my news updates from my friends and from Twitter/ Tiktok. :sweat_smile: But when I hear about it, I usually check out coindesk.

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By far the most used oracle for me is CoinGecko. But that is only to track values of existing holding in two ways - USD values and BTC values. I also make use of the sort by function to rank the top 100 cryptos by market cap into ascending or descending gain or loss for 24 hr or 7 day to aid in decisions of ratio investing. I do not do leveraged trading in cryptos (yet) but I do take differential holding changes based on relative price movement between BTC and the other target currency holding.

Other than that I subscribe to a large number of market commentators or influencers who are too numerous to mention but the top few are:

Bitboy Crypto
Donavan Jolley (DIY Investing)
Benjamin Cowen
Coin Bureau
Max Keiser
Michael Saylor

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But for more social chatter, I go on Reddit lol

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