Recommended Forex Brokers that fit my ideal?

What are recommended Forex Brokers that accept a small deposit of $50-$100? I trade Forex. I am located in the United States.

My ideal Forex broker is:

  1. Very low Spreads compared to other brokers
  2. Low transaction cost
  3. A hassle-free Deposit and Withdrawal process
  4. User-friendly Trading Platform
  5. Good customer service
  6. Great execution of best possible price for orders

You can try FreshForex. I think it meets explicitly your criteria. They have Very low Spreads compared to other brokers, Low transaction cost, A hassle-free Deposit and Withdrawal process, User-friendly Trading Platform and a Good customer service.

Neither broker does not accept US citizens
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Hi, I am trying TWF from last few weeks and it’s going nicely, I think they’re very much like you described, so you can check it here - TradeWiseFX | ECN/STP Forex Broker | Trade Forex Wiser - let me know if it helps… Thanks.

I would recommed FreshForex, they have the following advantages,

Narrow floating spread from 0 p.
Instant market execution from 0 sec.
No minimum deposit
No fees for conducting transactions