Recommended forex robot for 2021

I wish to ask for the best forex trading robot.

I have blown series of accounts over the years including this 2020, but I wish to get trading right. I have learnt how to back test and optimise robot and I can manage any robot for consistent profits. But I wish to get some recommendations from great traders.

Hi :slight_smile: what does “best robot” mean to you? Regards Greg

Thanks for clarification

I understand the word best has a wide range of applications, but from my personal point of view I will say reliable with user friendly.

I need a robot that can produce consistent profits over a wide area of applications either with the major pairs and time frames, also the robot can be back tested and optimized by me and has no other interference either from the developers or brokers.

I hope this will help…

Thanks a lot

On a second thought, what robot will you recommend for someone who wants to go into full time forex trading?

I hope the robot will not be affected by region or geographic location.

Thanks again

Hi, Okay, so a bit of theory on how to create Expert Avisor.

First, there is no “reliable” robot, and even if it did, it would be a “holy grail” and nobody would sell it to you.

Second, you are looking for a robot that is profitable across multiple currency pairs and time frames. Such a robot must be versatile because each currency pair and time frame have different details that affect the profitability of a given robot. In other words, you need artificial intelligence that will “learn” the market behavior in real time. If you are a programmer, the MatLab program is open to you :slight_smile: Regards Greg

I’ve never found a long term profitable bot, best to teach yourself how to trade

There is no one bot profitable forever because the market is changing, even if you learned how to trade, your approach how to trade will be updated.

PS: do you really think someone shares long term profitable bot for free? :wink: