Recommending Broker

Hi guys,
What do you look for if you are vetting a broker? If you were to recommend, which broker would you recommend for me as a newbie?

So many things to look for when considering a broker, from tight spreads to fast execution, to fast deps and withdrawals and so on.
I use Exness - they satisfy me all these things.

One with swap free accounts and low transfer fees.

three things really matter: regulation, regulation and regulation!

what’s most relevant, and most important, is avoiding disasters, and you will always give yourself the best chance of avoiding disasters by using a broker regulated by the FCA or ASIC

everything else is secondary (and a distant second) to that

Oanda, but it doesn’t matter which one i recommend, or which one anyone else does - different people prefer different ones, for different reasons, and have different experiences with them

the important, objective, relevant issue is to use one that’s properly regulated

as long as you get that right, in the long run nothing else really matters very much, by comparison

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this might help you:-

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This lesson from the school might also help give you an idea on the things you should consider. :blush: Here’s also a list of some of the best regulated brokers you might wanna check out. :smiley:

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For me, it is better to look at the number of years on the market and regulations.

I wanted to talk about that too
Be careful about regulation and the rest is based on your own needs. If you need swap-free go and look for one. If you want to trade metals go and search for one. The first point is being regulated and maybe the age of the broker can help you a lot there.

If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t rush things. I’d take it slow and first do some research on what I really want. Then, I’d give all those suggestions a try using demo accounts and see which one suits me best. You know, there are tons of websites on Google that list brokers and break them down by different factors and options. So, you’ve got plenty of resources to help you out.