Reddit could onboard 500 million crypto users with new Ethereum tokens

This should read more like “will onboard 500 million crypto users”. This looks like a perfect match between the company and its need for a decentralized solution to tokenize it’s karma points. It appears Reddit will create a separate Ethereum-based network, which lends itself well to onboarding new users into the ETH ecosystem.

More bullish news for ETH and crypto as a whole.

“It’s like moving from fb to Twitter without having to rebuild your followers”.

I wouldn’t like to be associated with corporate strategy of any dominant sector social media company right now. Screwed if you do, screwed if you don’t. Just how much of the “information” goldmine are you prepared to give back to the public faster than they are prepared to dump your services in favour of a decentralized alternative? :grimacing:

I live in South Africa. Crypto currencies got banned, even the biggest crypto market place informed us that from 1 Jan 2022 our accounts will be dissolved. The tax revenue service even hunts us when people in Europe send us crypto. My question is blatant and ruthless to the point. Can we invest in crypto without going to jail?

Was this recently passed? I haven’t heard this in the press. Perhaps you are mistaken about the banning. I know that regulation is getting stricter after some incredible scams stole millions from investors based in South Africa.

Binance, the biggest Bitcoin Exchange in the world complied to the South African government by banning all trading from South African residents starting 1 Jan 2022. All open positions will be closed without notice and all funds transferred to FICA regulated accounts without further communication.

You tell me, kind sir. What is your definition of a ban? We have friends in Cicely, they are not allowed to send us crypto and I am not allowed to send them crypto. I will go to jail if transaction is either way.

Come live here and be clever with your mouth… I have to experience my existence with this Chinese democracy!

I am not insulting you, kind sir. Simply stating that you should carry on being what you are and do not tell me what I am. You make me angry with stupidness on this subject. Lets rather just part with you being the clever one knowing what you are talking about. Thank God for people like you… So God damn clever, it hurts.

That’s a funny response. “I’m not insulting you…” followed by “You make me angry with stupidness”.

My remarks weren’t meant to ridicule you. If you took offense, apologies. But your reply was magnitudes more rude. Regardless, all I know is you’re trying to trade in South Africa. You didn’t mentioned Binance specifically, so I took your statement to mean the government has banned all crypto country wide. They haven’t. Binance hasn’t banned all crypto.

Binance has banned the following:

  • Futures
  • Options
  • Margin
  • Leveraged Tokens

There’s no mention of spot, there’s no mention of bans on transfers or withdrawals.

If you’re experiencing something different, then Binance is lying in their press release. But this “ban” you speak of is specific to this company and the regulations that it needs to follow in your country.

Even your national regulatory body (FSCA) states the ban is on derivatives. The ban is on some services, not all services.

Good day to you.

You are right on many things, well versed in my flaws that I mentioned. Except when it comes to every day life. I am not allowed to transfer crypto out of the country asking a friend to buy me electricity when I have no other currency available. As you know, I can not buy Escom with crypto, so I transfer crypto to a friend in Cecily who then buys my electricity here in SA using his credit card…Same account that got my crypto. Now tell me, is that legal? No. I am breaking the law surviving. So bring it! When this government falls, I will find you.

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Nice profile Billy. I was national InfoSec. See you soon. I am not hiding behind a VPN. Use your 30% pass rate, Ramaphosa is proud, having cleared 40%. I will be satisfied with my 90% failure rate. I have no other option, good luck government troll!

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Lets have fun, reveal this trolls identity and address. Anonymous…We are many, we are none. Bidding starts at $100. Let the hunt begin. //Forget govnet, he is not listed in the Union Buildings. Chase the military. Start with Swartkops, then Waterkloof.

All in good fun, please do not take this joke to heart!

Laugh in Schoeman street, they will never find you in the air force, they are not stupid…It was a clue

By my constitutional rights, you have no authority when a civilian unintentional interferes with your duties.

You never identified yourself…Hence the $100. Learn the rules, buddy. Then snipe.

Why the secments? I am filling your inbox, tracing your email. I thank you.

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