Regenesis markets broker is it trustworthy?

I was trying to get to use this broker but I couldn’t find anything about it on google just two threads showed up anybody here has used them ? With them did you have pros and cons?

The name’s a bit unknown to many traders but that’s perhaps because it’s from South Africa, you don’t find many broking firms from there in the talks. They are regulated so in my opinion shouldn’t be a problem. If any my only suspicion would arise from commission less trading with spreads low to the point of 0.1 pips. Is that really possible? I would find it hard to believe. The brokers I have seen and dealt with either charge commission or provide wider spreads. For instance the spreads you’ll find at IB won’t be as low as Fxview, but that’s because IB does not charge any commission and Fxview charges a commission of $2.
What you can do is, that is if you are keen on using this particular broker, find out their minimum balance requirement for trading and if it is low, like as less as 5 like how it is with fxview or xm, then decide if they are workable for you or not. This will give you a first hand insight into them.

I have taken the bullet and notice some bad things to my eye.
The demo spread is not the actual live spread.

The live support is yet be go online after 3 days of having an account with them

Pros is almost Infinit margin for your trades and they cost less

I deposit 60$ and they accepted it I will wait for after I make a withdrawal to see if I actually get any money back they look real though because some one who works there showed me a virtual tour and I was happy. Saw stickers all over a porch with cookout a convertible and all.

I haven’t heard about Regenesis markets either. Better to check the broker on spreads, their regulations and fund protection rules and also see if trading conditions suit your requirements before giving your hands in with small account.

It’s true. There is hardly any trace of the broker over the internet as far as reviews are concerned.

better stay cleared of such brokers.

I can now review for you guys I got my money taken away I have been trying to withdraw for 3 weeks and they keep saying they will get back to me and send via Skrill and they don’t because I am a USA costumer. The first thing they did after 1 week of trading is disable my trading robot access then after wards they said the robots do work but mine wasn’t an approved robot for their forex broker it was an that they were claiming was manipulating the market then they said the robots do work but I have to buy the robots they have for sell which they approve of and I decided to withdraw and they didn’t send my money after 3 weeks they have been playing with me sending me messages about how they don’t process international withdrawals and other bs apart from ignoring me on live videos , Instagram Facebook and email aswell on WhatsApp they reply like once a day then your ignored my account manager has been posting he’s gains on he’s WhatsApp and ignoring the fact that I cannot withdraw my money because that’s not he’s department. Please baby pips help me out I also reached out to fsca and nobody picked up the phone

Sorry to hear about your experience. I just hope you had not invested a lot with them.

This broker is not even heard of so it is very difficult to say if it is genuine or not because we can only tell about the broker when we explore all the opinions and requirements.

You are right! Before I selected a broker for my trading, I reviewed countless forums on info about them. Luckily it worked for me as I have been satisfied with Fidelity & fxview, the brokers I been using.

A genuine broker has its own unique set of features which is different from the rest of the brokers. The brokerage which they charge is for these services which they provide. If a broker makes guarantees, one should just steer clear of them.

I have been a part of the pyramid schemes to know first hand their follies. Glad that I went solo soon. Now I am using IG and Fxview to trade exotic pairs of currency - yes I’m still not following the much treaded path of just the major currencies - but trading ZAR, RUB against USD is working for me.

Not a broker that I’ve heard of. Try looking at broker reviews on Forex Peace Army.

That is surely a path less taken, I find safety in EURUSD.

First red flag

Second red flag

And still you went for it? Sigh.
It seems like that they are regulated with IFSC, according to their website and I just checked IFSC website to only find out that their(Regenesis markets) name does not appear on the list. I am sorry to say this but I think you have been scammed by them.

FYI, no point in messaging to FSCA since they are not regulated with them