Reinstalling MetaTrader

I think I will need to reinstall MetaTrader4. How can I do this and still keep my indicators and my offline history database.


Go to your Metatrader folder, then -> experts and you will see 2 more folders:

  1. Indicators

  2. Templates

Just create a new folder and copy all the necessary indicators/templates from your Metatrader folder to new folder.

After re-instalation, just copy indicators back to indicators folder, and templates bck to templates folder.

Hope that helped. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Albinas

I have very little experience with these retail platforms - willing to test out a few to see how they tick. Any ideas? As an aside, I worked for a US bank on their trading floor - so I’m not super duper familiar with retail trading platforms. I worked with one, spread based - simple to use, not great charting - not horrible either. Want to move to ECN and figure out the fuss over MT4. Thanking you in advance for your input.


I am not sure what exactly are you asking. Maybe to recomend any more platforms, not just Metatrader?

Well, would be great if you type your questions more clearly (or maybe it is only me who don’t understand?)

Thank you, Albinas